Why Renovate Your Bathroom in 2024
May 14, 2024

This year has already seen some pretty aesthetic bathroom transformations that many Edmonton residents are jumping on. Not only does this give homeowners a better resale value in the future, but it offers a sense of comfort in the meantime. Especially with mortgage interest rates in the market being what they are, many homeowners in Edmonton are choosing to stay put and renovate. Is that you? Keep reading about how you can renovate your bathroom with Peak Improvements this year to create a more luxurious bathroom.

Renovations vs. Remodeling

While these two terms are often used interchangeably, renovations are different from remodeling. In a renovation, the layout of the room stays pretty much the same with aesthetic alterations, like floors, walls and cabinet faces. To renovate a room is to make it new again. Peak Improvements has done installations of new appliances, refacing cabinets, and more to make a space feel like new. Remodeling entails redoing structural or layout elements that will change the purpose or functionality of the room. Changing the size or position of windows and doors, along with knocking down walls are common remodeling techniques.

While knowing the differences between these words can be helpful in the budgeting stage, they are not necessary to memorize when you work with Peak Improvements. Our team works with both renovations and remodeling; we use the word “renovations” to encapsulate both terms for your ease of understanding.

Why Bathroom Renovations?

Bathroom renovations see some of the highest returns on investments. Putting your investment into creating a more luxurious bathroom is a smart move, as this is one of a home’s highest-traffic areas. Speaking to your home’s market value, future buyers will look at beautiful bathrooms with awe. You probably spend at least an hour a day in the bathroom: from getting ready in the morning to using the bathroom throughout the day to getting ready for bed in the evening. Why not make this hour one you can love? A walk-in shower with large tile walls and a rainfall showerhead make your showers more enjoyable. If you’re someone who has more body products than counterspace, creating purposeful custom organizational solutions in your bathroom can be a time-saver. A bathroom renovated to your specific lifestyle needs can make life easier and more enjoyable.

Work With Peak Improvements!

Our staff at Peak Improvements in Edmonton, AB, have decades of combined experience under our belt. Our clients range in terms of wants, budget and type of work; we’ve done everything from pet-friendly renovations to modern retro trends. There’s nothing out of reach with our expert team of professionals at Peak. Are you ready to capitalize on the property you own? Contact us today or call us at 780-487-7100.

Not sure what’s in the budget? Find our budget calculator tool here.

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