Retro of the Future: 2024 Edmonton Home Renovation Trends
February 8, 2024

The year 2024 will be a year of returning to retro, a continuation of a trend that started in the past year. As predicted in Pinterest Predicts 2024, retro is in. People are reaching back to the past in droves, whether that’s to 1970s boho aesthetics or learning practical skills like embroidery. Stark whites and empty walls are giving way to something more substantial this year. Below, we tackle a few of the currently emerging trends that we have noted at Peak Improvements. Continue reading about what home renovations you might see in the coming months below.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Gone are the days of faucets located on the sink. This year, you can expect to see wall-mounted faucets become the new norm. Gold faucets are also taking over, creating a luxurious bathroom experience in any home. This renovation often requires relocating plumbing, which is best left to the experts. If you are looking to update your bathroom this year, Peak Improvements is an expert in Edmonton home renovations that can help you design your bathroom to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Plant Decor

If you haven’t already seen the rise of this trend, plants are taking over as one of the primary sources of decor for more and more homes in Edmonton, AB. Catering to this aesthetic trend includes home renovations such as multiplying wall shelf space, installing appropriate plant grow lighting, and enlarging windows. Removing walls that take up space in your home can give you the extra square footage in your home for your dream monstera or a large fiddle-leaf fig. Oversized windows mean healthier plants and home window renovations with Peak can help you get the windows you need for a thriving plant home.

Wall Paneling

Minimalism, move over! Simple white walls are no longer the trend in Edmonton. Wall panelling is helping homes indulge in a bit more personality this year. From board-and-batten panels to Victorian squares, wall panelling adds a new dimension to any room. Whether you are going for modern chic, retro, boho, or anything else, wall panelling can fit any vibe. While installation of these can be done DIY, we recommend that you hire certified professionals to perform these home renovations on your behalf to avoid damaging any structural integrity of the foundation.

Butler’s Pantry

We are seeing a rise in “butler’s pantries” in more and more Edmonton homes. When prepping for large family gatherings, having a secondary location with more tablespace is a huge asset. In the everyday, having a butler’s pantry can mean extra space to store bulk food items and larger kitchen equipment. Whatever kitchen gadgets, serving dishes, and other supplies you do not use on a weekly or monthly basis can be stored along with the seasonal kitchen towels in the butler’s pantry.

Update Your Home in 2024 with Peak Improvements

With our guaranteed price and no-surprise contract, Peak Improvements can help you achieve the home renovations that you want without adding hidden fees. We use a proven six-stage process to ensure your project is completed in the designated timeline while staying within budget. When you are ready to renovate your Edmonton home to suit your tastes, contact Peak Improvements.

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