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Are you tired of feeling cramped for space, having to coordinate schedules, and dreaming of the perfect space to escape from your busy life? As an often overlooked area of the home, bathroom renovations have a lot to offer owners. From revitalizing outdated half-baths to crafting the master suite you’ve always wanted, giving your bathroom a little TLC goes a long way. With the right design, you can increase your quality of life (no more having to fight over who gets the sink!), as well as maintain the overall value of your home with ease.

As a leading team of renovation experts within the Edmonton region, Peak Improvements partners with homeowners to transform their space into the perfect fit, right down to the smallest of finishing touches. Whether you want to bathe in the lap of luxury or enhance the functionality of your space, we’re here to help!

The Peak Improvement difference.

If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodel, but have found yourself hesitant to embrace the “hassle” of a construction project, you’re not alone. Without the proper expertise and planning, bathroom renovations can lead to a significant headache for homeowners. Fortunately, with the right team on the job, you can minimize the disruption to your daily routine, maximize your budget, and rest assured your timeline will be met.

At Peak Improvements, we ensure every project abides by our proven six-stage process which provides customers with a transparent, accountable, and efficient renovation. We also believe that your project should be surprise free, and we provide all homeowners with a guaranteed price, no surprise contract that eliminates confusion and the fear of sudden costs down the line. Simply put, we believe that your experience should be as seamless and convenient as possible. Benefits of working with our team include:

Our guaranteed price, no surprise contract.

When you hire us, we back our promises 100% and will not change your pricing after the project starts.

Personalized, knowledgeable, relationship.

We don’t view our clients as a number, you’re family! We believe in working closely with clients and providing clear and open communication throughout the entire process.


Our team boasts many decades of combined experience in the construction industry, and will always strive to craft remarkable homes for our families. We hold our trusted trade Partners to the highest standards, ensuring that all work done is of exceptional quality and uses reliable materials.


We want to earn, and value your trust; we will always go above and beyond to share our progress with clients from day one of the project right down to the final Certificate of Completion!


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