Bathroom Trends to Try This Year
May 28, 2024

From sleek minimalist designs to brutalist aesthetics, today’s renovation trends offer a myriad of options to transform bathrooms into personalized havens. With current market prices, Edmonton homeowners are looking at opportunities for transformation and customization tailored to their preferences and lifestyle as opposed to buying a new home. If you’re thinking about whether to renovate the space you have or to move to a new one, consider the renovations Peak Improvements can help you do below.

Elevating Changes

Small but mighty, a new coat of paint can make a world of difference in the appearance of a bathroom. Renovations don’t have to be expensive: Peak Improvements works with our clients to ensure we make a plan that sticks to your budget. A good coat of paint in the shade of forest green or navy blue might be the easiest way to renovate your bathroom. We are seeing an influx of bold colours this year, so don’t be afraid to add the pop of colour that you desire. When our team comes in to provide a professional paint job, we can easily change out the fixtures for ones in gold. The gold faucets are back in: this, combined with dark colours on the walls will completely remodel the room.

Luxury Renovations

How often do you use your bathtub? Bathtubs are no longer a draw in homes in 2024. It’s time to make space for the things you want for your home: a walk-in shower. Imagine large-format tiles with minimal grout, with your soaps and shampoos on a complementary niche. Bathroom renovations should be enticing for you, now; the right buyers with the same tastes will come later. Walk-in showers are a hot commodity in Edmonton this year as we are starting to move towards the idea that homes are for your comfort, not for resale value. Another high-value item currently is new countertops and organization. Bring style and luxury into your bathroom through quartz counters, undermount sinks, vessel sinks, and organization, perfect for your bathroom accessories. Our team at Peak Improvements has been noticing that bathroom renovations in Edmonton are consistently adding colour but also adding organization. Small bathrooms need clever organizational designs to save space. From drawer organizers to built-in shelving, Peak Improvements can help design a completely functional bathroom, free of clutter.

Simple Decorations

Here are a couple of simple things you can do to bring your bathroom to the next level: First, add some plants. Bundled eucalyptus in the shower will emit a calming, refreshing scent as the water hits it. Spider plants, pothos, ferns, and palms all thrive in humid areas, so you can decorate with those, too. Adding a few to the bathroom is a simple way to change the space to be more dynamic. Then, when you are ready for your next luxury item, invest in some soft linens. Never underestimate the power of stepping out of a warm shower into a fluffy towel after a long day.

Heighten your bathroom’s aesthetic with Peak Improvements! Our team is ready and waiting. Contact us at 780-487-7100 or send us a message.

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