4 Reasons Renovating Is Smarter than Selling in 2024
May 22, 2024

While the initial endeavour of finding your next home can be thrilling, the reality of finding the right one at the right price can quickly take its toll. That’s why Peak Improvements helps homeowners like you to make their existing home into the one they would look for on the market. For all the homeowners debating what to do for their next real estate move, keep reading to learn about why selling your home in 2024 might not be the right move.

Increase Your Home Equity

Your home equity, or the difference between the amount you owe on your mortgage and what the home is worth, increases over time as you pay down more and more of your mortgage. Another way of increasing your home equity is through home renovations. The cost of home renovations truly fluctuates depending on the type and scope of renovations, but the return on investment that homeowners can get will increase the equity, too.

Avoid Unknowns of The Real Estate Market

Entering the real estate market brings a lot of unknowns; bidding wars, interest rate fluctuations, and findings from an inspection report are just a few. When a home no longer fits the lifestyle you lead, the lengthy process of moving homes is not the only option at your disposal. Home additions and renovations can bring any home to be exactly what the homeowner needs. Peak Improvements has worked with many homeowners to create bigger living spaces, added bedrooms, and much more, so that their current home works for them.

Get Exactly What Renovations You Want

Most people have a vision when it comes to searching for their dream home. Finding the home with exactly the features the purchaser wants is often difficult and fruitless—but getting the home with the renovations you desire doesn’t have to be. Take charge of turning your current home into your dream home for an easier route to getting the renovations you want in a home.

Avoid Penalties and Extra Costs

Mortgage lenders will usually charge fees for breaking a mortgage term, and these payments can stack up fast when combined with lawyer fees and miscellaneous costs tied to real estate purchases. The amount a homeowner may spend in fees is lost money, whereas renovations will yield a return on investment that retroactively reduces the funds spent on said renovation.

Alternatively, renovations with Peak Improvements come with a guaranteed price and no-surprise contract. We never add hidden costs or extra fees to our invoices. Rest assured that the cost of home renovations with Peak comes with no secrets.

Determine Your Cost of Home Renovations

Take control of the home you own by implementing the renovations you want. Peak Improvements has had decades of combined experience in home renovations, and with the help of our in-house designers, we can work with you to make a home you’ll love for years to come. Simply contact us today with your renovation needs and we can start up plans for making your dream home a reality.

Find out the cost of your home renovations by using our free calculator tool today.

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