Make Your Home Pet-Friendly with These Renovations For Edmonton Homeowners
February 20, 2024

Looking to renovate your kitchen or entrance this year? Edmonton homeowners have begun to adapt their homes to increase their pet’s quality of life. Peak Improvements has helped create many unique renovations that help Edmonton pets experience a more luxurious life while assisting the owners in maintaining theirs. Below, we go over a few renovations that you can implement into your home upgrade this year. Keep reading to see how your home can be better for you and your beloved pet.

Integrated Food Dish

If you find that your pets leave a mess in the kitchen after you feed them, there are ways to get around that. Our Edmonton team can transform your dog’s food mess into an integrated feeding station with a timer for your convenience. With the freedom to design your dog’s feeding area to be enclosed or open, we can work with you to eliminate the mess of water and kibble that can be tracked around the home. Your dog’s habit of tracking water through the home does not have to be a common occurrence. Dry floors and kibble-free kitchen corners are possible. An integrated pet food area established during your kitchen renovations can help contain the mess.

Food and Treat Organized Storage

Hefty bags of dog food, tins of wet cat food, and your assortment of treats need to be stored somewhere close to the food bowls that aren’t in the cupboards with your food. If you are thinking about modernizing your home with kitchen renovations, adding a pet-specific space will help make your space feel more put together and organized. Making deliberate storage designed around your pet food will eliminate any doubt as to what needs to be added to your grocery list.

Hidden Litter Box Cabinet

If you already have a litter box in a space near the kitchen, such as in a nearby bathroom or closet, revamp the area to include a litter box cabinet that will reduce smell and keep litter contained. A little cabinet can significantly reduce the amount of litter scattered around the base of the litter box, making its way around the house and into carpet and other hard-to-reach places. Include a hidden litter box cabinet in your kitchen-and-area renovation so that your cat has enough places to go without causing a disruption.

Entrance Dog Wash Station

Damp towels and buckets of water can only last for so long as your go-to paw-cleaning routine in the Edmonton climate. For dirty animals tracking the outside to inside your home, work with our expert team to add a dog washing station to your entrance. Whatever size dog you have, we can create a place catered to your pets where you can wipe off the mud before they track it through the house. Especially for active, outdoorsy animals, this can be a life-changing addition to any home.

Design Your Home To Suit What You Need Today

From kitchen renovations for Edmonton homeowners to luxurious additions anywhere in the home, Peak Improvements has the tools and skills you need to expertly transform your Edmonton home into a pet-friendly one. Renovations with Peak Improvements are easy: our simple 6-stage process, guaranteed price and no-surprise contract put our clients at ease. Contact us today to start planning your home renovations that will benefit both you and your pet.

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