Kitchen Renovations You Won’t Regret
August 29, 2023

Looking to bring a new look to your Edmonton kitchen with some renovations this year? At Peak Improvements, we love seeing the before-and-afters of our projects. While there are so many unique ways that you can change your home to suit your tastes, we have seen many renovations that are particular to one style. There are a few simple ways to renovate your home to be a canvas for any vision you may have while in that home. Below are three of the best kitchen renovations that are timeless and will match any unique style.

Open Concept Kitchen

Promote interaction between cooks, guests, and anyone else in the area with an open-concept kitchen. A kitchen with four walls can isolate people from one another, whereas an open kitchen connected to the dining room creates more opportunities for socialization. Open concepts enlarge the space, which is great for small kitchens and condos. If your kitchen feels stuffy, contact Peak Improvements to consult about knocking down a wall to help open it up!

Removing a couple of kitchen walls is the perfect Edmonton kitchen renovation to keep your kitchen ready to match any style you may dream of bringing to your home. As trends come in and out of our lives, we need a canvas that won’t limit our personal touch. For kitchens, this means knocking down literal walls that limit your creativity.

Hardwood Floors

Carpet comes in and out of fashion, but hardwood floors are always in style. Clean, simple, and hardy, wood floors can accompany whatever furniture you add. And the great news is that Edmonton kitchen renovations, like hardwood floors, are changes that will last decades. Hardwood does not succumb to traditional wear-and-tear as other flooring does and can handle the cycle of dirt, water, and snow in the Edmonton area. When cleaning off the elements, hardwood floors are easy to care for. A simple wipe with a wet cloth or mop every so often will keep it clean. Professional installation by Peak Improvements will guarantee quality, properly-installed flooring for you to enjoy for years to come.

Add White Paint

Painting your walls or cabinets white is a great way to make a space feel open. If you have a small kitchen to renovate, white can help make the space feel bigger. It also provides a neutral background for you to add your own personal touch in a creative yet stylish way, whatever that personal touch is to you. Best part? White never goes out of style, making your kitchen renovation timeless.

Painting any part of your home is a quick and cost-effective renovation if you rely on professionals to paint. Especially in kitchens with odd shapes and corners, working with professionals can mean the difference between one round of painting and hiring the professionals the second time around.

Upgrade Your Edmonton Kitchen Now!

Don’t be held back by what the original builders wanted; allow your home to become your own with Peak Improvement’s help. Our team of professionals wants to get you to a place where you are satisfied and comfortable in your own home. When you are ready to add your unique taste to your home, contact us!

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