Tired of feeling out of place in a tiny, outdated kitchen? While most modern homes have embraced a wider, more open concept for food preparation and dining, older homes often have tiny, cramped spaces that can make it difficult to complete your day day routine comfortably. As the heart of our home, kitchens play an integral part in influencing the overall design and flow of our entire space. If you’re feeling the squeeze of an older home and want to bring your space into the modern age, Peak Improvements is here to help! Our in-house team features everything you need from drafting and design experts, all the way to architects and an unbeatable build crew. Learn more about popular ways to modernize your kitchen below!

Keep The Features, Lose The Headache

Have you hesitated when it comes to starting a kitchen renovation because your current space features certain elements that you’re particularly fond of and worry you’d have to sacrifice during a remodel? Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to picturing how a fresh start would affect the layout and style of your home as a whole? Think you can’t possibly get the look you want without breaking your budget? There’s no need to worry! At Peak, we understand that a home is more than just a series of rooms, and often has certain memories and features that hold great value to us. Whether you want to modernize but incorporate a treasured family heirloom, or ensure that your savings go the extra mile, our team is here to partner closely with you to design a remodel that meets your exact needs and budget, creating a space for the whole family to enjoy.

Your Dream Kitchen is Closer Than You Think

Whether you’re the next Master Chef or simply love facilitating family discussions around the kitchen table, it’s no secret that the kitchen is one of most important areas of our home. From playing host to countless delicious meals, to serving as the anchor point for many of our daily activities, a well designed kitchen makes it easy to enjoy the space as a whole, while also ensuring that your unique needs are met. From state of the art appliances and smart technology to elegant features meticulously crafted to create a welcome feel for family members and guests alike, every kitchen renovation helps to add comfort and value to your home.

Escape the Crowd

As we mentioned above, older homes are well known for their smaller kitchens that often include a separate dining area. While this was more functional in previous eras, these days having different spaces for preparation and eating is less convenient and can often hinder community time with the family. Adding an open layout can brighten up the entire floor, making socializing simple, and even make your home feel much larger.

Time For a Facelift!

Over time, even the most elegant of kitchens begin to show their age. From faded cabinets to dingy flooring, outdated appliances, and more, replacing worn features and elements can go a long way to enhancing and revitalizing your space. Giving your kitchen a facelift helps to breathe new life into the whole home and ensures that you feel comfortable for the years to come. Popular modern remodel features include:

  • Quartz countertops
  • Integrated appliances with smart technology
  • Hidden storage (recessed fridges, etc).
  • Mixed styles for a complementary contrast, and more.

Ready to breathe new life into the most important area of your home? Contact Peak Improvements today to learn more about our team, as well as our exclusive guaranteed price + no surprise contract.