If you’re in the market for a home contractor to tackle your next home renovation and find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone! As many fellow homeowners will be quick to tell you, there’s no shortage of contracting teams available, and sometimes finding the right fit can feel daunting without the right tools in place to sift through the crowd. As one of Edmonton’s top home renovation teams, Peak Improvements understands just how important it is to find a contractor you can trust to bring your dream space to life. No matter the scale of your project, having a healthy working relationship built on a solid foundation of trust is a surefire way to guarantee success. To help you find the best choice for your next renovation, we’ve created a shortlist of questions and considerations to keep in mind when interviewing potential candidates. Read on to learn more!

When Word of Mouth Just Isn’t Enough

Your home is your sanctuary, and finding the right team to tackle a renovation is important when it comes to protecting both your peace of mind, as well as your finances. While it’s quite common for homeowners to start their hunt for a contractor by turning to their friends and family for recommendations, we always recommend doing your homework and independently researching each provider before setting up a meeting. Each renovation, as well as every home, is different and the right fit for one person’s needs doesn’t necessarily make a team best suited for your application. Spend some time hunting online for reviews and keep a critical eye out for any potential red flags before moving forward.


It might seem like something that’s overly simplistic to highlight, but the importance of the qualifications of any prospective contractor cannot be understated. Before letting anyone into your home, you need to know that they are qualified to handle the scope of work you require, as well as covered should any mishaps occur. While most contractors are honest about their certifications, licenses, and more, it’s important to always ask the following:

  • Are you a licensed pre-paid contractor registered with service Alberta? Do you have documentation to prove so?
  • Do you have a business license for the City of Edmonton and the surrounding area?
  • Do you have general liability insurance?
  • Do you carry valid worker’s compensation insurance?


Experience matters. The right fit for your project is one that is not only qualified to tackle the job in terms of equipment and certifications, but that also has specific experience for your unique needs. Never be afraid to ask for examples of prior work, and feel free to ask about their overall background in renovations, previous companies worked for and all other relevant details.

How Do They Meet Objectives

Last, but certainly not least, you need to have a clear idea of how your contractor will actually carry out a project. There are so many different elements and factors involved in home renovations that, without a dedicated process in place, you can easily set yourself up for headaches. Make sure you know if your contractor subcontracts out to other teams, how they determine the scope of work, and most importantly, how they handle the unexpected.

Discover A Team You Can Trust

At Peak Improvements, we follow a proven six-stage process to ensure every build goes according to plan, and are proud to give our homeowners peace of mind with our guaranteed price + no surprise contract. Learn more about how we can help make your dream home a reality by contacting our team today!

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