Are you ready to take the leap and create the home you’ve always wanted? If you’ve been carefully saving and planning for your dream renovation there’s no better time to bring your vision to life, and no better team to partner with than Peak Improvements. Since 2007, we’ve worked alongside homeowners all throughout the Edmonton Capital Region transforming their spaces and revitalizing tired rooms to create the perfect fit for the whole family. With an exceptional team that features in-house drafting and design experts, architects, and an unparalleled crew of builders, you can trust us to make your next home renovation a breeze. Learn more below!

Every Detail Counts!

At Peak Improvements, we know that the most important part of any project is attention to detail. From minor upgrades to total overhauls, every last aspect plays a key role in designing and then crafting success. That’s why we believe in partnering closely with our homeowners to fully realize your vision, and providing you with access to the right folks to get the job done. Unlike other renovation teams that leave you on your own to find a designer, architect, or inspector, we’ll ensure that every last detail is covered from beginning to end. Our years of experience mean you never have to worry about missed steps, the wrong elements being installed, and most importantly, the quality of our work.

A Process That Works

A major part of what sets Peak Improvements apart from other inexperienced contractors is our six-step process. Designed to ensure a hassle-free renovation, as well as to provide you with transparency every step of the way, the Peak process covers every step of the project, eliminating the need for last-minute changes and removing confusion along the way. It really is a simple as that.

Dedicated Drafting and Design Services

Having to outsource an external design firm is pricey, and can result in delays as firms go back and forth with your builder. Peak Improvements’ team includes skilled interior designers, architects and more to make the design process simple and efficient. Working alongside our experts, you’ll select all of the finishing touches for your project, meaning you’ll always be in control and our team can get down to business right away!

No More Sudden “Surprises”

Finally, the best part of working with Peak, alongside our quality and approach ability, is our no surprise + guaranteed price contract. Once you have our final quote, you can trust us to stick to that number throughout the rest of the project, meaning you never have to worry about sudden price changes, and can enjoy peace of mind while creating your dream home.

Learn more about renovations with Peak by booking your consultation now!