When To Hire a Professional For a Bathroom Renovation
August 15, 2022

When homeowners think of remodelling their bathrooms, they think of it as an expensive and time-consuming project, and they’re better off taking it on themselves. While painting the bathroom walls or replacing the faucet are great DIY projects, fully renovating the bathroom yourself puts you and your family at risk. Read on to learn more about why you should hire a professional and what are the risks of DIY bathroom renovations.

Safety Comes First

Did you know that some bathroom renovations in Edmonton require permits because they can put you and your home at risk? 

DIY-ing your bathroom renovations could be cost-effective, but is it worth risking your safety? For instance, installing new pipes can be quite complicated and can lead to costly leaks. At first, you might not realize there is a leak, but if it is left unnoticed, it can lead to significant water damage, mould build-up and further damage down the line, especially with water and electricity being so close together. In some cases, homeowners don’t realize the extent of the damages done until post-renovation when faulty or hidden wiring causes a house fire. Hiring a professional will not only save you the trouble of getting permits for your renovation, but it will also ensure that all the damaged pipes and wiring are replaced, up to date and safe to use in the future.

Calling a professional to carry out regular remodeling in your home can get expensive, so most homeowners tend to take care of painting walls, replacing shower heads and installing shower grab bars if need be, but when it comes to plumbing and electrical work, you must call a professional. Anything that requires plumbing or electrical upgrades is not a task that you should carry out on your own, which is why separate permits are required. Unlike more minor renovations, plumbing and electrical work are not as easy as painting a cabinet or replacing a faucet. They require someone who has the specific tools, understands the proper safety measures and has extensive training of plumbing and electrical issues.

Proper Installation 

Youtube videos and blog articles that show you how to DIY your bathroom renovations are made to seem simple, but when it comes to reality, you can face many different complications. Installing a bathroom fan, adding shower glass or even laying tiles require a lot more work than what you see on videos or read in articles. While you might be initially saving money on installing bathroom fixtures, you will most probably end up spending more money overall as you call in experts to properly install them and fix what’s been done. Relying on an experienced professional will help you get flawless results and ensure that everything is perfectly installed.

Trust Peak Improvements

Whether you’ll need a building permit or not, Peak Improvements ensures that all renovations and projects are up to date according to the current building code standards. For over ten years, we have helped families flawlessly renovate their bathrooms and homes without putting anyone at risk. Our unique six-stage process not only allows us to work faster and stay on budget, but it also allows you to follow the progress of the project and ensure that you are kept in the loop. When hiring Peak Improvements, you won’t have to worry about safety or sudden price change. Our guaranteed price and no surprise contract provides you with ease of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about changes to your cost, no matter the circumstances. Contact our team today to learn more about our bathroom renovations!

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