What’s The Best Time Of Year To Renovate Your Home In Edmonton?
September 20, 2022

As all Edmontainans know, weather plays a major role in almost everything we decide to do. Whether you’re buying a home, moving houses or renovating, the weather will significantly affect your decision. Winter 2021 was extreme all over Alberta, and many homeowners postponed their renovations to avoid having the cold weather creep into their homes; however, should you dismiss renovating your home in the winter months? Read on to find out!

Busiest Time To Renovate

It is not uncommon for homeowners to begin renovations in summer and spring. With high temperatures all around Edmonton, homeowners are comfortable with having constant workers coming in and out of their homes as getting outside is easy. In fact, some major home renovations can even cause homeowners to move out temporarily, visit their family or go on a vacation to leave the space empty for the contractor to work as freely as they please. Even though home renovations in the summer and spring are very popular, they can be quite time-consuming. Due to the high demand for homeowners renovating their homes at peak times, projects have a higher probability of taking a longer to be completed and might cost more as the demand for materials increases. This causes contractors to give longer durations for home renovations and sometimes increased cost.

If you’re looking for a less crowded season where you can still have warm weather and have your project completed in a shorter period of time, renovating your home in the fall would be the perfect solution. By the 1st of September, for instance, the busy schedule of contractors tends to wind down, giving them more flexibility to take on your project. While the weather is still relatively warm, you can have your project completed in a shorter time period without worrying about the cold weather seeping through the nooks and crannies.

Winter Renos Save Time and Money!

As we all know, Edmonton winters are viciously cold, but that could be a greater benefit for your home renovation. Since most homeowners avoid the winter and the cold, almost all contractors are free to take on your project! Winter is actually the most underrated time of year to renovate your home as contractors only have a few renovations happening at once. While families are busy spending their time indoors and hosting holiday celebrations, you can have your home renovated as quickly as possible! Why not take advantage of the winter and have your project flawlessly completed without facing any delays?

Renovate Your Home All-Year-Round with Peak Improvements

When renovating your home with Peak Improvements, the season does not matter. Our unique six-stage process has proven to be very effective with all our customers as we use it to complete your project on time, on budget and without any surprises along the way. Whether you decide to renovate your home in the cold winter or scorching summer, our Guaranteed Price + No Surprise Contract ensures that the cost of your renovation will be exactly on budget and without any sudden price changes all year round. Contact us to speak with our team of experts and start planning your renovation today!

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