Are you planning your next round of home renovations finally tackling that pesky bathroom remodel you’ve been meaning to take care of? Along with kitchens, bathroom renovations offer a high return on investment for homeowners looking to increase their property value, as well as their comfort within the home. From upgrading the master ensuite to installing a new bathroom in the basement, there are endless possibilities to explore, each with their own benefits. As with any home remodelling project, the bathroom renovation process can be a unique experience for homeowners. Below is a brief overview of what to expect, as well as a few aspects to keep in mind before construction takes place.

Expect Some Disruption

The simple fact of the matter is, even the most flawlessly conducted construction projects will leave homeowners feeling a little displaced and inconvenienced while their space is rejuvenated. Once demolition starts, you can anticipate that, yes, there will be a fair amount of noise as your contractor sets to work. For those working from home, or with small children and pets, you may want to make arrangements for the duration of your project, invest in a white noise machine, and remind yourself that the disruption is only temporary. Additionally, you’ll likely find some dust settling around your home. While an experienced contractor will do their best to create barriers which prevent dust from spreading, you can help minimize any build-up by removing ornamental items and completing the odd clean as you go.

It May Take A Little Longer Than You Think

The duration of any renovation comes down to a wide variety of factors including size, scope, materials used, and more. Bathroom renovations in particularly can vary considerably due to the sheer number of factors involved, such as:

  • Size of bathroom (half or full, as well as physical room size)
  • Tiling, glass, counter, and lighting selection
  • Existing plumbing and wiring structure
  • Location of the bathroom (basement installations have several unique considerations), and more.

Having an open and honest conversation with your contractor will help you both arrive at a realistic timeline for your project and set expectations accordingly.

Older Homes Present Unique Challenge

Every home presents contractors with a new set of variables that need to be considered when planning your renovation. Older properties often feature outdated plumbing that needs to be replaced in order to facilitate better drainage, as well as additional challenges such as uneven foundations, incompatible wiring, and more. These factors can in turn add a little more cost to your project, or take a little longer in order to be completed safely and to your vision.

Your Contractor’s Process Plays A Large Role In Your Overall Success

If you’re eager to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget (who isn’t!), your biggest asset is partnering with a contractor that has a proven track record of success, as well as a clearly refined process. At Peak Improvements, our six-stage process is designed to eliminate the risk of sudden delays, cost increases, or other factors that leave our customers feeling less than satisfied.

You’ll Love The Results

There’s nothing better than coming home to your very own private oasis! For more ideas about bathroom renovations, check out our existing resources, or contact Peak Improvements today!