What Aging in Place Can Mean For Your Home
January 8, 2024

Sometimes the perfect home is one that allows us to stay in it as long as we want, including when we reach mobility challenges. By ensuring your home has the future in mind today you can relax and not worry about it tomorrow. Peak Improvements can help you perform full house renovations to include aging in place accessibility. Below we outline some of the tools that Peak Improvements can offer to renovate your home to be what you need when your mobility is limited. Keep reading to learn about how we can help you age in place in your beautiful Edmonton home!

Accessing Every Room of Your Home

No matter if you are using a walking aid or moving on your own, you should be able to access every room of your home. Our aging-in-place full house renovations can modify your home to allow ease of access through doorways and down halls with walking aids or wheelchairs. We can also include shower access modifications because your mobility should not control every aspect of your life. Let us install a stairlift on your stairways during your full home renovations with us, which will give you access to the top floors and basement without trouble. There are many things that our team can do to open your home and make it more accessible for you.

Creating Safety Barriers for You and Your Loved Ones

Sometimes safety concerns can accompany mobility restrictions. We know that this is, unfortunately, a real possibility. Peak Improvements can mitigate some of the possible dangers of mobility access in a shower by installing premium safety features. This extends to the whole of the bathroom as well as the bedrooms. Ask us about our bedroom safety features! We never want you or your loved ones to be caught in a place of hazard in your own home. Let us install innovative technology around your home to alert others when you are in trouble.

Living Beautifully at Home

Your home is often the place where you want to stay for as long as possible. If you enjoy the comforts of home and want to continue enjoying them, Peak Improvements can do a full house renovation to make your home safe and comfortable for you to age in place. We have options curated to make your home life beautiful despite the mobility issues you may experience. From shower access remodelling to lowering cabinets to adding wheelchair counter access, we can assist in creating a luxury home experience as you age. Our in-house designer is available for your use so you can create a functional and elegant home.

Get Ready for Tomorrow, Today

Let us help you make your home a home you can continue to live in as long as possible. Our team understands the comfort that comes with aging in place, but we also recognize that sometimes a full house renovation is necessary to have a functional home. Contact Peak Improvements today by going to our website. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help!

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