Value Added: Home Additions With Peak Improvements
Chris Schellenberg
May 12, 2020

Does Your Home Need Room To Grow?

Is your family home starting to feel a little cramped? Sometimes even the perfect house needs extra space to accommodate our growing needs. From family expansions to room to explore our favourite hobbies and more, home additions can be a fantastic way to increase your space without the hassle of moving, especially if you’re attached to your current neighbourhood. The right home addition project will enhance your home, add value, and give you plenty of room to enjoy. Learn more about the benefits of home additions as well as the many functional reasons to consider pursuing one below!

What Is A Home Addition

As the name suggests, home additions refer to a specific renovation designed to increase space. There are a few different ways this can be accomplished, including conventional lateral extensions that add a few rooms, bump-outs, sunrooms, building a garage and more. Finding the right fit for your home depends on multiple factors including your existing foundation, the condition of your home’s structure, municipal bylaws, and of course, what the main objectives of your addition are.

What Are Additions Suited For?

One of the main benefits of home additions, in general, is how versatile they are. With the right planning and vision in mind, there’s no shortage of options readily available. Homeowners are often surprised to learn just how much they can accomplish with a skilled team guiding the way! Benefits and function of home additions include:

More Space!

Increased space is, of course, the driving force behind addition projects. Whether your family has expanded or you simply want more room to play, additions make it easy to increase your floor space.

Extra Room For Guests/Family Members

If you find your home quickly gets crowded when the in-laws come to visit, or you need extra space to allow a family member to move in for the time being, additions can easily resolve such issues and give everyone the room they need to feel comfortable.

Value Added

While you may not see a HUGE jump to your overall property value, certain addition projects can help increase the market value of your home. Building a garage or other standout features can give you a leading edge if you plan on selling in the future while giving you plenty of opportunity to reap the benefits in the meantime.

Cheaper Than Moving

If all you need is a little extra space, pursuing a home renovation may be more cost effective (not to mention less hassle) than moving. If you love your home as well as the neighbourhood, creating an addition can be the perfect middle ground that allows you to bridge any gaps without relocating.

Peak Improvements: Edmonton’s Leading Choice For Home Renovations

Peak Improvements believes that every homeowner deserves a home perfectly customized to their unique needs. With an experienced team that includes in-house designers, a proven six-stage process, and a guaranteed price + no surprise contract, creating your dream space has never been easier! Contact our team today to learn more!

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