Transform Your Unfinished Basement With Peak Improvements
Rick St Laurent
May 12, 2020

Are you missing out on one of the best ways to maximize the space within your home? Finishing your basement is the perfect way to increase your available square footage while also adding property value and insulating your house against the chill that often creeps in during the winter months. If you’ve left your lower level untouched, you’re missing out on an easy opportunity to get the most enjoyment out of your home, including building the dream space you’ve always wanted! With a little forethought and careful execution, basement renovations can be a fantastic way to add personality, comfort, and flair to your home. Learn more about the benefits and options available with basement renovations below!

Double Your Square Footage

Has your main floor begun to feel a little cramped? Finishing the basement is an instant way to double your space within the home. Whether you family has grown over the years or you’re a savvy property investor contemplating creating a legal secondary suite for passive income, or simply want more room to explore your hobbies, basement renovations are an ideal solution. Partnering with an experienced team like Peak Improvements makes it easy to plan the perfect renovation that transforms your lower level from dark and damp to stunning and refreshed!

Dream Big!

Are you a movie aficionado that’s always dreamed of creating a one of a kind home theatre? Love entertaining friends and family at home, but wish you had a more dedicated area to show off your bartending skills? Need a private space to get down to business outside of work hours? No matter what your style or preferences are, basement renovations can be customized to meet your needs. Peak Improvements has experience with countless custom projects that include standout features like built in projectors, wet bars, home gyms, wine cellars and more.

Added Value For The Future

One of the best aspects of basement renovations is that you don’t just reap the benefits now, but well into the future. In addition to the immediate perks of extra space and warmth (you’d be surprised how much a finished basement can boost your energy rating!), you’ll also enjoy added property value should you intend to sell down the line. Overhauling outdated fixtures and features (shag carpeting anyone?) go a long way towards giving your property a leading edge on the market, as well as ensuring any existing issues are cared for.

Unlock Your Home’s Potential With Peak Improvements

Don’t let your basement stay a dull, unfinished space. Take the leap and design a space that’s sure to wow the whole family with the help of Peak Improvements. Serving the Edmonton Capital region, our team of experts include in house designers and architects alongside our construction specialists to ensure you have access to all the resources you need under one roof! With a proven six-stage process and a guaranteed price + no surprise contract, means you never have to worry about paying more due to delays or changes, basement renovations are a breeze! Help breathe new life into your lower level as well as the whole home by partnering with a talented team like Peak Improvements today! Contact us now to learn more.

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