The Real Cost of Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton 2023
November 29, 2023

Are you looking into renovating your kitchen before the end of the year? Quotes from professional contractors will give you a rough estimate of what your kitchen renovations will cost, but there can be hidden expenses that they do not include in that quote. Below, we discuss what the real cost is for renovating your kitchen in Edmonton. Read on to learn about Peak Improvements’ estimate process.

The Up-Front Investment Depends on Your Style

While the cost of renovating a kitchen in Edmonton will have a baseline, any additional choices you make compounds on the budget you will need. If you have a modern house and want your kitchen to match, with elite finishes and all-new appliances, your kitchen renovations will cost you more than simple renos. That’s why it’s hard to give you an estimate without more information; with the different choices we can give you comes a different price tag attached.

As always, there are basic options, luxury options, and everything in between. There are many options in each category for every look, and our team can help you with designing a kitchen for any look you are going for, keeping your budget in mind.

There is Little Post-Construction Maintenance

There will be little to no maintenance that you will need to have done on your Edmonton kitchen after the renovations are complete. This can be a more cost-effective manner of dealing with renovations that need to happen, as the cost of putting out fires instead can end up being more costly. A full kitchen renovation will help you to get ahead of potentially major damage that can occur from, for example, a failed dishwasher. In this case, the floorboards and baseboards can cause water damage, creating a more expensive renovation. By handling it all in a single go, you can avoid waiting for your dishwasher to finally kick the bucket and prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

For Edmonton homes with outdated appliances, give your home a complete kitchen renovation to save your home and create the kitchen of your dreams all in one go.

Calculate Your Estimate Here!

For the numbers-minded people, Peak Improvements has developed a Home Renovation Project Estimator Tool to give you a more solid answer. Simply answer the questions, and you will have your estimate in minutes!

This tool was developed with accuracy in mind, as we understand that users are looking for a budget to set for their kitchen renovations. There are no hidden costs at Peak Improvements—in fact, we have a Guaranteed Price + No-Surprise Contract to ensure the quote we give you before starting will match the bill.

Peak Improvements: Experts in Home Renovation

Peka Improvements has years of experience in performing full kitchen renovations in Edmonton. We’ve encountered many different situations during the process and know how to handle them professionally and efficiently. Our confidence in the quality of our work comes out in our client success stories; read them for yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team. We’d love to chat with you about your kitchen renovation needs.

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