Ready to take the leap and transform your master ensuite or additional bathroom in your home? As one of the most important and yet often neglected spaces in our homes, a well-planned bathroom renovation can go a long way to enhancing comfort, as well as the overall style of our abode. In fact, when done properly, bathroom renovations are a fantastic option for savvy homeowners looking for good ROI on their projects, and can return up to 80% of the cost of the renovation should you choose to sell down the line.

If you’ve been eyeing backsplashes, showers, and everything in between and are ready to pull the trigger, below are a few last-minute considerations to have in mind to ensure you have a smooth process ahead.

Double Check Your Budget

It may seem overly simple to highlight, but as any experienced contractor or homeowner with renovation experience will know, even the littlest projects can quickly go over budget without the right plan in place. Before you reach out to a contractor, it’s important to have an honest discussion about your budget, timeline, and what your absolute maximum spend is. While you might think doing so will be limiting, it actually helps open the right doors when you sit down with your contracting team and allows them to create a plan that works for everyone. This in turn reduces frustration, minimizes delays, and ensures that everything turns out perfectly in the end!

Know The Difference Between Your ‘Wishlist’ and Your Must-Haves

Trust us when we say that we know how hard it can be to choose between your wants and needs for a renovation. While you want your bathroom to look stunning in the end (private oasis, anyone?), the most important part is to ensure that any existing issues are addressed first. This includes handling common problems like:

  • Repairing old leaks
  • Taking care of any visible hazards
  • Removal of any mouldy or water-damaged materials

Once the essentials are taken care of, you can work towards achieving your dream fixtures, lighting, tub and shower features and finishes with ease.

The DIY Conundrum

When it comes to bathroom renovations, simply put, it’s a DIY-Don’t. While it can be incredibly tempting to think you’ll save on the cost of renovating by cutting out the middle man and using your own two hands, most homeowners fail to realize just how tricky bathroom renos can be in particular. With piping, wiring, and other dangerous elements involved, one little mishap can have disastrous results for the whole house and put your safety at risk. Working with a professional team expedites the process and avoids extended loss bathroom use, as well as overall damage. In the long run, this means you’ll be happier, safer, and far more likely to enjoy the investment you’ve made.

Plan For The Long Term

There’s no doubt that a renovation serves as an instant facelift for your home, but a properly executed design will keep its lustre and value for years to come. Work closely with your contractor to discuss what features best suit your needs, as well as providing the best long-term value.

Ready to Get Started?

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