Love Your Home From Day One

A brand new home is the start of a new chapter in your family’s life. Whether it’s a cutting-edge design or a classic character home, a new living space is a blank page ready for you and your family to create lasting memories for life. We at Peak Improvements work closely with our clients to produce results that enhance your quality of life while making your new home distinctly “yours” from the inside out!

New Spaces for a New Chapter

On this recent project, we partnered with our client to completely remodel their recently purchased 2600 sq. ft., 4-level split home. The house had the foundations of the ideal living space for their family of four, but needed several interior and exterior improvements prior to moving in. As an added challenge, our clients had a firm move-in date based on the sale of their previous home; it was critical that renovations were completed on-time.

Our clients had grand ambitions for their new home, including:

  • A full remodel of the interior and exterior.
  • A new layout featuring a revitalized ensuite, relocated basement laundry, and an added workout room. 
  • A spacious, modern kitchen that still possessed elements of country-style charm.

Spotlight Features

Our clients trusted us to transform their house into a brand-new home that was uniquely “theirs.” To help them achieve their vision, we added several custom elements and details, including:

  • A classic brick fireplace with an elegant “whitewash” finish. To obtain the desired effect, each brick was individually painted before the refinishing began.
  • An all-new spacious kitchen featuring ample counter space, a large working island, a unique farmhouse-style apron sink, and gold hardware throughout.
  • Country-style decor with Nautical elements throughout the home.

Unique Challenges

Every renovation is different, and each presents a unique set of challenges to both clients and contractors.

Heading into demolition, we knew there was asbestos present in the old wall plaster. Detailed planning across multiple trade partners was required to ensure that the interior and exterior renovations could proceed safely and smoothly from start to finish.

Additionally, with an all-new exterior, including new windows, careful coordination between trade partners was required to ensure the building envelope was properly sealed before continuing with renovations.

Communication between contractors, tradespeople, and clients was essential in making this renovation a success. Using our six-stage process to design and coordinate with all parties, we completed the project within a 17-week timeframe, much to the delight of our clients!

Proudly Exceptional

Peak Improvements takes pride in ensuring that each home renovation is as unique as every homeowner. Our guaranteed price, no surprise contract means our customers never have to worry about unexpected costs, and ensures that their project will finish on time with superior results.

Contact us today to learn more about creating your perfect space.

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