Over the last five years, Edmonton’s downtown core has begun a radical transformation, quickly becoming a world-class city centre perfect for individuals looking for a sophisticated urban lifestyle. Nonetheless, some condominiums and other residences need revitalizing renovations to become a contemporary living space suitable for the modern professional.

With decades of combined experience and expertise, Peak Improvements works closely with our clients to revitalize living spaces of all kinds, producing results that exceed expectations and enhance quality of life.

Condo Transformation

In this recent project, we partnered with our client to remodel the kitchen and ensuite in their 2-story condominium in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown core.

While both the kitchen and ensuite needed modernization, our client wanted to maintain the spaces’ overall aesthetic and colour scheme. Additionally, our designers had to work within the kitchen’s existing footprint, preserving the beautiful hardwood floor found throughout the condo. Finally, the ensuite was in dire need of modernization, with our client looking to replace the outdated fixtures with stylish modern fittings.

Spotlight Features

To help our client modernize the space while preserving its clean urban aesthetic, our design team added several unique features:

  • Designing the kitchen to fit within the existing “footprint” while protecting the hardwood floors.
  • Incorporating high-gloss cabinetry for a sleek, modern look.
  • Ensuite walk-in shower featuring custom glass.
  • Backlit mirror and extensive storage in the ensuite.

Unique Challenges

Every renovation is different, and each presents a unique set of challenges to both clients and contractors.

Working within a condo building, coordinating access required additional consideration and attention to detail. Open communication with the client, building manager, and skilled trade partners allowed us to manage all access needs effectively.

In the kitchen, our top priority was incorporating the existing hardwood flooring into the modernized design (not to mention preserving its finish throughout the renovation). Additional caution and preparation allowed us to keep the floors intact and to incorporate them into the kitchen’s modern makeover.

Maintaining the loft’s finishes required additional planning, as well as changes to electrical and plumbing plans. Nonetheless, our designers and skilled trade partners worked together to come up with elegant solutions that preserved the condo’s modern aesthetic while rejuvenating the kitchen and ensuite.

Proudly Exceptional

Peak Improvements is proud to offer our guaranteed price + no surprise contract promise for every project. No matter how challenging the task, our unique six-stage process ensures that our clients’ projects finish on-time, with no surprises along the way.

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