Your Basement is A Blank Slate

An unfinished basement is a dream come true for homeowners looking to create their ideal space. From home offices to home theatres and beyond, the only limit to what your basement can be is your imagination. At Peak Improvements, we work closely with our clients to produce results that enhance the quality of life through beautiful, functional spaces tailored to their unique needs.

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basement renovation afterwards

A Baker’s Paradise

Our clients looked to build a full kitchen in their basement for all their baking needs in this recent project. The basement was completely unfinished, so there was ample room to create a kitchen and workspace tailored specifically to baking. Additionally, our clients wanted to make the most of the remaining space, with a new bathroom and an entertainment centre.

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Spotlight Features

Our designers incorporated numerous features specifically tailored to our clients’ needs, including:

  • A state-of-the-art, fully-featured kitchen, suitable for baking projects of all sizes.
  • A powered kitchen island.
  • Custom cabinetry, including numerous accessories, pullouts, and convenience features tailored to our clients’ storage needs.
  • An entertainment centre featuring a built-in, 7-point surround system.

Unique Challenges

Just like every homeowner, every renovation is unique. Every project we undertake presents a unique set of challenges to both clients and contractors.

The biggest challenge in this basement was ensuring we had the proper permits from the City of Edmonton. Because the renovation called for a full kitchen, it required the same permits as a legal basement suite. Our designers worked with the City to ensure the design met all applicable requirements, and contractors obtained the necessary permits to begin work.

The renovation also required the relocation of basement plumbing to accommodate the new kitchen sink. Communication between contractors, tradespeople, and clients was essential to our success. Using our six-stage process to design and coordinate with all parties, we completed the project on-time and well within budget.

Proudly Exceptional

Peak Improvements takes pride in ensuring that our renovations meet our clients’ needs and enhances their quality of life for years to come. Our guaranteed price, no surprise contract means our customers never have to worry about unexpected costs, and ensures that their vision comes to life with no surprises along the way.

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