Simple Home Renovations for This Winter
November 22, 2023

Not every home renovation needs to include tearing out walls. Your home renovations can be simple yet effective in changing your home without changing the building’s blueprints. Peak Improvements in Edmonton does everything from painting to full basement development and knows which renovations are practical. Below, we discuss a few ways you can update the look of your home while keeping to a reasonable budget. Read on to see what works for you!

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

You’d be surprised how much a coat of paint can change a single room. And it doesn’t have to be a uniform colour throughout the rooms, let alone within each room. Lighter paint makes a room feel instinctively more open and large, whereas a darker or muted colour can feel more cozy. It may be time to reevaluate the mood you want for each of your home’s spaces in your Edmonton home, choosing new paint accordingly. Consider giving your home accent walls! Our experts can help you pick out which walls to draw attention to, along with which colours will suit your style best.

Replace Old Surfaces and Flooring

If you can see wear and tear on your countertops or flooring, it is time to renovate the surfaces and flooring in your home. This is one of the most effective ways to make your home feel brand new. The difference new floors can make is astounding. If your floors are carpet, consider laminate or hardwood. Let us help you figure out how to change up your home! An integral part of the room, this renovation can add a new dynamic to your home this winter in Edmonton.

Switch to Modern Lighting

In every room of the house, up-to-date lighting makes all the difference. A simple change like under-counter lighting in the kitchen can elevate the experience of making dinner. Extra lighting aside, it pulls the whole room together and adds elegance to the room. Bathroom mirror lighting, new dining room ceiling lights, and even new bedroom mood lighting can help spruce up your home quite easily. Using Peak Improvements’ in-house design team for your Edmonton home renovations, you’ll get lower costs, more concrete plans, and consistent quality.

New Hardware, Everywhere

For a truly new feel to your home, renovate your hardware! New faucets, shower heads, and even cabinet door handles can change the look of a room drastically. Go for a contemporary bathroom with clean-line black faucets and matching towel racks. Or, replace your old ensuite spouts with a unique waterfall one. With options to upgrade outdated light switches, cabinet knobs, locks, and more, your home renovations can be efficiently done with Peak Improvements!

Modernize with Peak Improvements Home Renovations

Not every renovation needs to consist of reconfiguring your home’s layout. Edmonton’s Peak Improvements can help you create a new space within your home with cosmetic upgrades. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you may have, and we will do our very best to answer them!

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