​Are you in love with your home, but wondering how you can make it more accessible as you age? You’re in luck! With senior friendly and accessible housing becoming a continuously growing priority in the home construction and renovation industry, there are more options than ever for you to explore. At Peak Improvements, our team frequently works with homeowners to ensure their property stays safe, accessible, and stylish for years to come. Learn more about senior friendly home design and renovations, as well as how you can get started planning below!

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What is Accessible or Senior Friendly Home Design

Both accessible and senior friendly (also called ‘age in place’) renovations refer to a broad category of home services and features, but together they share a common goal: to help create an environment that is safe and easy to navigate, regardless of any challenges one may face due to age, injury, or other circumstances. Such renovations grant homeowners peace of mind, the ability to stay in their home much longer with fewer risks, and can add value to the property itself should you wish to sell in the future.

What Areas of The Home Are Involved?

While every residence will have unique needs tied to the specific layout and existing elements of the home, there are several areas that are frequently involved when developing an age or accessibility friendly design. Since the main goal of these kinds of renovations is to ensure you’re able to enjoy the home you love without fear of avoidable risks, and with added convenience, common improvements include:

  • Creating barrier free bathrooms and showers
  • Widening hallways, entry points, and addressing any concerns that may arise from stairways.
  • Lowering light switches, cupboards, and ensuring counter tops are easy to reach.
  • Installing railings or discreet mobility bars in bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Integrating smart technology like thermostats, voice control lighting, smart door locks and more throughout the home.
  • Replacing flooring with softer options like cork, rubber, and linoleum to ensure an even surface and reduce trip hazards, as well as to reduce strain on joints, etc.
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Best of all, with the right design in place, many of these elements can be incorporated seamlessly and discreetly into your home, allowing you to enjoy your space with ease.

It’s Never Too Early To Think Ahead

The options above are only a few of the wide range of selections available for homeowners when it comes to preparing your home for the future. With new technology, designs, and best practices continuously evolving, there’s never been a better a time to start thinking about what your future looks like in your current home. Planning ahead allows you to plan any renovation in stages, giving you time to budget for any major work that needs to be done. Speaking with a trusted team of experts can help you identify what areas of your home need attention first, and help you move forward with your long term plan confidently.

You Deserve A Home That’s Built For You

If you’re ready to start exploring your options for accessible or senior friendly housing, Peak Improvements is here to help. Contact our team now to learn more!