Redesign With These Stellar Home Additions
May 22, 2024

Your home has memories tied to it: when it just isn’t big enough anymore, home additions will help you have the space that works for your lifestyle once more. Additions to homes in Edmonton, AB, are a growing trend. Being in need of more space is not a bad thing, and Peak Improvements can be your way to getting the space you need. With years of renovations and additions under our belts, Peak Improvements is the premier choice for home builders in Edmonton. If increasing the square footage of your home sounds desirable, find out more below.

Home Additions You Need

Growing families need enough space for each member of the family. Peak Improvements works with Edmonton homeowners to add bedrooms to the home’s layout so that you can enjoy the place you have for many more years. Our additions give the freedom of flexibility: if you want a new master bedroom complete with large sun-facing windows to create a sunroom feel, that home addition is possible! Home additions promise to transform your living space into a personalized sanctuary tailored to your evolving needs. Here are a few home additions that may be the home transformation you need:

  • Ensuite with walk-in closet
  • Expanded living room
  • Kitchen addition
  • Extra bedroom
  • Second family room
  • Sunroom

A spacious kitchen or luxurious great room can foster a new sense of fulfillment to your current property. With careful planning and attention to detail, integrating these expansions seamlessly into your existing home architecture can be a breath of new life.

Planning Your Addition with Peak

Your home addition is made simple for our clients through our proven home renovation process. Our team of experts chat with each of our clients about what they want to do with their space and how we can accomplish that goal. After we have discussed the client’s needs, our in-house designer walks them through a visualization process. We ensure hallways are configured to compensate for the new room, move plumbing and electrical as required, and then we can get started.

To get an idea of the budget needed to create a functioning home, use our free budget calculator tool. Each of our contracts is a fixed price contract: once the design plans are set and the investigations are complete, the contract will contain a price that will not change throughout the project. Peak Improvements offers guaranteed price and no surprise contracts for our clients to ensure we stay within your budget and meet mutually-agreed standards.

Enjoy Your New Space!

Expand your home with beautiful and functional home additions this year with a home builder you can trust. At Peak Improvements, we have decades of combined experience under our belt in working with clients with all types of needs. Past success with our clients set the standard we continually strive to match every day. Our guaranteed price and no surprise contract is just one of the ways we do this.

Contact our team today to get started on expanding your home. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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