​When it comes to guaranteeing a smooth home renovation, your contractor’s process plays a huge role in determining your success. From big to small projects, an experienced renovation team will know the difference that having a proven workflow makes, allowing for fast results and a headache free build. At Peak Improvements, we follow a proven six-stage home renovation process that helps us complete renovations on time, and to the high quality our customers have come to expect. Learn more about our process below!

Plan For Success

The old saying “fail to plan, plan to fail” holds true in the world of home renovations. With so many details and points of contact to keep track of, having a refined process is a must for success. At Peak Improvements, we value transparency, and strive to keep our customers involved and informed throughout our entire process. Our stages include:

1. The First Meeting

This is where the foundation is laid and our team knows just how important it is. Our process is built upon a strong basis of trust and communication throughout all 6 stages. From the very first meeting on, we’ll strive to get to know your needs as well as the unique challenges of your home, and will discuss your vision in depth to create an accurate scope of work.

2. Preliminary Budget Proposal

After meeting with you, our team will go to work and will create a preliminary budget to present. This initial budget will include a written scope of work that features the value of the project, proposed timeline, as well as preliminary draft designs.

3. Detailed Design & Selections

Design plays a key role in the realization of your vision. From choosing core elements to determining the best layout for your home, we’ll pair you with our dedicated team of in-house experts to help you select the best details for your needs. We’ll also provide you with a 3D overview to help you visualize the finished product.

4. Fixed Price Contract

You read that right! Peak Improvements is proud to offer our homeowners a guaranteed price, no surprise contract. Once all elements are selected, your property has been thoroughly inspected and everyone is ready to move ahead, our team will present you with a contract that features a fixed price for the desired project. That means you never have to worry about sudden expenses popping up later on, and can move forward with confidence!

5. Construction Begins

Once your contract is signed, our team gets to work acquiring all of the necessary materials and resources for construction. At Peak, we value transparency and give our customers access to software that helps show the progress of your project in real time.

6. The Finish Line

As your project nears completion, our team will guide you through a comprehensive inspection and completion certificate that ensures you are confident with our results. We’ll make sure that everything is ready to go, and will even have your area professionally cleaned before we pack up so you can return to normal in no time!

Home renovations don’t have to be a headache. Contact Peak Improvements to learn more today!