Is your beloved home starting to feel a little cramped for space? As our families grow and our needs change, even the once perfect house can begin to feel like a tight fit. Home additions are a reliable way to add that something extra to your property, while also ensuring you have plenty of room to grow for the future. With a wide variety of options available, additions are a fantastic way to add value to your home and to ensure you’re able to make the most of your existing space. Learn more about the benefits of additions, as well as some of the many choices available below!

When Should You Consider An Addition?

Over time, even the ideal home may need a little something extra to adapt to our changing needs and preferences. From creating space to accommodate the little one you’re expecting, to re-purposing old nurseries, unused areas and more, additions make it possible to increase the room in your home, as well as your overall property value. If you need to add space but aren’t keen on the idea (or cost) of relocating, a home addition may be the best solution!

Popular Addition Options

While there are a wide variety of options available where additions are concerned, there are three typical choices that tend to be the most prevalent. These include:

Conventional Additions

Conventional additions refer to a multi-room structure that is built on to the side of your home, and is permanently open to the rest of the house upon completion. This style of addition blends with the existing structure while granting you extra space and can be used for many different purposes.

Room Additions

Room additions, also called “bump outs” are typically intended to, as the name suggests, expand the size of a single room in your home. Usually smaller than a full scale addition, bump outs can add extra space to kitchens, dining rooms, and more.

Garage Conversions

Converting a garage into an extended living space can be a viable way to add extra room to your house, depending on your intention with the renovation. While garage conversions may not directly add substantial resale value (homes with no garage can be harder to sell), they can be a great way to add extra space for you to enjoy.

Does Your Home Need Room to Grow?

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