Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Edmonton
September 7, 2022

When looking for kitchen renovation contractors in Edmonton, you want to make sure that they follow a thorough process that keeps you in the loop. Below are the six stages you should expect from your contractor for flawless renovation results.

1. Home Visit

Scheduling a home visit before starting the renovation is an essential step in the renovation process. Your contractor should schedule a time to come by your house, see the foundation, discuss your vision and visualize the scope of work to get a clearer image of the renovation you have in mind. Great contractors will make sure to take plenty of photos and measurements when visiting your home to assess the project thoroughly. With the initial home visit, you will be able to describe the changes you would like to see and allow your contractor to provide you with their input. Home visits are also an excellent way for you to establish communication and trust with your contractor.

2. Initial Budget Proposal

The initial house visit will give your contractor a rough image of the scope of work that needs to be done, including tearing down the walls, replacing the cabinets, changing the sink/ faucet etc. The contractor might not have exact numbers, but they should be able to provide you with a preliminary budget before you sign the contract. With the initial budget, you’ll be able to get a better image of how much the project will cost and prepare for it accordingly. Steer clear from contractors that don’t offer you an estimate prior to starting the project, charging you as the project develops.

3. In-House Design Team

Your kitchen renovation Pinterest board deserves to come to life, but can contractors follow the aesthetic and implement the design? To ensure that the proper fittings, features and overall aesthetic is similar to what you have in mind, you should hire a contracting company with an in-house design team. Having experts on the team will make sure that your designs are carried out as planned and give you several options of materials and finishing details to compliment the aesthetic of your dream kitchen. This complete design is the key step in being able to turn your initial budget into a fixed price contract.

4. Fixed-Price Contract

Not many contractors offer a Guaranteed Price + No Surprise Contract, leaving homeowners hemorrhaging money constantly throughout the project. At Peak Improvements, we have a one-of-a-kind fixed-price contract presented to all our clients before construction begins. In the contract, we highlight all the expenses that are to be paid and ensure that you aren’t surprised by any sudden price changes in the contract. We also include a defined start and end date to help you plan out accordingly.

5. Transparency

It’s important for you as a homeowner to be able to follow along with your contractor as the renovation takes place. Your contractor should be able to provide you with access to closely follow through with the construction and give you access to progress, schedule and budget in real-time. When the contractor starts the project with transparency, you’re able to rest at ease throughout the renovation process, knowing that your vision is being brought to life.

6. Clean Construction Area

Coming back to a newly renovated kitchen and dealing with the construction mess is never something to look forward to. No matter how big or small the project is, you never want to be the one cleaning up after the work is done. At Peak Improvements, we make sure that your renovated kitchen is professionally cleaned after the project is completed. We want to ensure that you can get back to normal in no time and not worry about cleaning up after the renovation is complete.

Design Your Perfect Kitchen With Peak Improvements

From home visits and preliminary budgets to guaranteed prices and no surprise contracts, Peak Improvements has developed a process that includes all six stages above and implements it with every project we take on. Contact our team today to start renovating the kitchen of your dreams!

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