How To Turn Your Unfinished Basement Into The Ultimate Home Office
Chris Schellenberg
February 25, 2020

Have you been contemplating finishing your basement, but feeling unsure of how to best utilize your extra space? Basement renovations are one of the best ways to make the most out of your home, as well as save money on energy bills and keep the rest of the house warm all year round. While there are endless options available for your unused space (home movie theatre, anyone?) one of the most popular, and practical, choices are to transform the area into a home office. Whether you need a quiet space to help you tackle the work you bring home, want a designated study area, or are a work-from-home entrepreneur, a home office offers a wide variety of benefits to be enjoyed. Below is a quick overview of elements you’ll want to keep in mind when creating your home office, as well as a few design options to keep in mind!

First Things First

Before beginning construction, it’s important to have your basement thoroughly inspected by professionals. This will help you identify any problem spots that need to be addressed, as well as gain an awareness as to any challenges you may face when it comes to wiring, plumbing, heating, and more. Remember, as a below ground space, basements do have a unique set of requirements that you’ll want to be aware of before moving ahead.

Dealing With Noise

Working in space that’s wrought with noise is no fun, especially if you plan to entertain clients or guests within your office. Safely soundproofing your space will help maintain a tranquil atmosphere that allows you to focus on your projects and conduct phone calls with ease.


As we mentioned above, finishing your basement can go a long way towards eliminating cold spots, drafts, and other elements that may bring down the temperature of the whole home. To insulate your basement further, you can look at installing flooring that tends to retain heat, such as carpet or cork tiles.

Statement Flooring

Think you can’t have stunning flooring in your basement office? Think again! While finding the right flooring options for sub-ground levels can be tricky due to moisture concerns, there are plenty of durable options that will help mitigate such risks while looking just as stylish!

Create Your Personal Touch

Every office deserves to have a “personal touch” that allows your sense of style to shine through. From custom cabinetry with a built in desk to statement lighting, artwork, and more, there’s no reason your home office should feel dull and boring.

Ready To Get Down To Business?

Learn more about creating a basement office by contacting Peak Improvements today!

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