How to Prepare for a Bathroom Renovation
November 23, 2022

Renovating your bathroom can be very challenging, especially if you have a busy household and only two bathrooms available. Generally, homeowners prepare for their bathroom renovations by making sure that there’s another bathroom available for the family; however, a second bathroom is not always enough. When preparing for a bathroom renovation, you must plan, organize, readjust and schedule ahead of time to make sure that the process is easy for everyone. Below are a few things you can do to prepare for a smooth bathroom renovation.

1. Confirm a Completion Date

A construction schedule is crucial to help you prepare for your bathroom renovation. Having a clear-cut plan and product lead times will enable you to prepare around plumbers, tile installers, carpenters, electricians, etc. Asking for a detailed schedule from your contractor will help you block out specific times when your house will be busy with construction. Confirming a schedule and a completion date will allow you to plan your day accordingly.

2. Share Products

With only one full bathroom available in your household, you will most likely have a large number of shower and bath products crowding your bathroom. For the short period of the bathroom renovation, consider sharing the products to decrease the number of bottles crowding the shower space. You can also expand your storage by purchasing a shower caddy. That way, you can easily move your products in and out of the bathroom when necessary.

3. Schedule Morning Routines

Everyone has their own bathroom routine in the morning, which is why before your renovation starts, you should consider what everyone’s bathroom habits are. Sitting down with the family and putting a schedule together will help you allocate time for everyone’s needs. For instance, some family members will have to wake up earlier than others to allow everyone the hot water and time they need.

4. Make Space 

To prevent traffic jams in the bathroom, try moving out some of the bathroom functions into another room. For example, you can create a dressing table for hair and makeup in the bedroom to decrease the frequency of using the bathroom. The more functions you can move out of the bathroom, the lesser the traffic jams.

5. Organize your Toiletries

Homeowners often forget that they’ve stored toiletries in the bathroom’s cabinets until they get around to renovating. Overflowing the bathroom with products no one uses will only make it harder to navigate through the bathroom to find the toiletries you need. Try separating the toiletries into everyday items and extra products to avoid crowding up the storage space. You can keep the everyday things you’ll need during the renovation in an easily accessible place in the bathroom and store the additional products in a box near the bathroom.

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