Just Getting Started With Your Renovation Planning?

One of the most common questions that we hear from our clients is “How much should I budget for my renovation?”.
While the Peak team has an experienced approach to match your dream renovation with a budget that will get you the desired quality and outcome; there are a few key aspects of your project that can impact the budget.

Using our years of experience we have built a new Renovation Budget Tool that we hope will help you gain confidence in your renovation project, and begin your renovation planning with the knolege that your decisions are right for you and your budget.

Introducing the Renovation Project Budget Calculator Tool!

Are You Planning a Renovation Project?
Not Sure What Your Budget Should Be?

Let us help...

The estimates provided by this tool are for budget planning purposes only.  The ‘estimate’ and/or ‘budget’ noted in this tool are a reasonable expectation of cost and do not represent an official quotation or offer of service.  By submitting your estimate you are requesting to speak with a qualified representative of Peak improvements.  An In Home Consultation may then be scheduled allowing further discussion and evaluation of your home in regards to the requested renovations.