Home Renovations for Seniors In Edmonton
May 10, 2023

When people age, their lives change, and their homes may no longer meet their needs. Some homeowners find the solution to their needs is moving to a senior living facility, but unfortunately, that can be both costly and emotionally challenging. Home renovations can offer a better solution for homeowners to remain in their homes and age in place. Home renovations for seniors can be tailored to meet their specific needs and preferences while improving their accessibility, safety, and comfort.

Home renovation ideas for seniors can include many modifications that meet their needs, such as adding handrails, grab bars, installing wheelchair ramps, outdoor lifts and indoor stairlifts, widening doorways, adjusting countertops and much more! Rather than saving up money to move into a senior home when the time comes, homeowners are starting to prioritize home renovations. That way, they can maintain their independence, age in place, improve their quality of life, and stay connected with their neighbours and communities.

In this blog, we’ll explore a few ideas for home renovations for seniors. Learn more below!

Accessible Bathrooms

One of the trickiest rooms in the house for seniors is the bathroom. Getting into the tub and navigating into the shower can be very dangerous for those with limited mobility. Nowadays, homeowners are starting to build accessible bathrooms with little to no barriers to make them easier for everyone to use. Not only are homeowners creating barrier-free bathrooms, but they’re also installing slip-resistant materials to make their bathrooms safer to use.

Handrails Everywhere

While some seniors might not need the help of mobility devices, they still install handrails around their homes to provide support when necessary. Whether they’re in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways or living rooms, handrails ensure that homeowners have the support they need around the house. Some homeowners have opted to change out their door knobs with lever handles for better grip when exiting or entering their rooms.

Electrical Lifts

Adding lifts is a great way to renovate your home, especially if you have outdoor and indoor stairs. Electrical lifts will allow homeowners to access several floors without the hassle and challenge of climbing up and down stairs. We all know how steep and dangerous steps can be, but with an electrical lift, seniors can safely access their garages, porches and other floors in their homes.

Repositioning Light Switches and Electric Outlets

We often forget how low outlets and how high light switches are placed at home! One of the most common home renovations for seniors is repositioning electrical outlets to keep them high enough that homeowners don’t need to bend down and reach them. The opposite is true for light switches. We always recommend keeping them at a reachable height where homeowners aren’t required to stretch their arms to reach them. Repositioning light switches and electric outlets will help seniors easily access them without the need to stretch high or bend down.

Home Renovations for Seniors in Edmonton

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