Free and Simple-to-Use Home Renovation Calculator
February 20, 2024

Have a renovation project in mind but are concerned about budgeting? Figuring out your budget for a renovation can be highly stressful. We have talked to many people who are concerned about the scope of their desired project, which is why we built a home renovation calculator to help. Peak Improvements has a simple, easy-to-use calculator that anyone can use to help budget for any home renovation. To use this tool, read about how it works below.

How to Use the Calculator

Peak Improvements’ home renovation calculator tool is very straightforward; all you really need to know is the square footage of your home and what you want to do with the space. If you have an idea of your ideal budget and your hard line budget (you cannot go any higher than this number), this will help you determine what is feasible. You will not need extensive information to use this free home renovation calculator tool.

Check out the calculator here and try different additions to see how it changes the estimated price.

Budgeting Tips

If you are struggling to create any budget, consider the below tips to help make a budget that is suitable for you.

Know Your Options

Are you planning on taking out a loan or using your savings? When you start planning for a home renovation, calculating approximate budgets is crucial. We recommend having not only your ideal price but also your flex spend to accommodate for unexpected necessities or bonus features you may opt-in on. Write out, as specific as possible, your ideal, flex and hard line prices. You will go into the home renovation with a lot more confidence if you know what works for your budget.

What is Realistic?

While it’s nice to work on all the areas you want renovated in one fell swoop, if the budget will not accommodate all of these home renovations at once, you will need to prioritize. What are the rooms that are necessary to renovate right now? Which do you notice needing renovations most often? Always focus on the areas of the home that need renovations first, and we can go from there as the budget allows.

Build A Detailed Plan

Before you find your home renovation contractor, plan out the space as you want it. Find inspiration of similar spaces, and bring a plan to your contractor. Peak Improvements sits down with you to create a design plan, working with our in-house designer in order to ensure we are building a home that is functional and that you will enjoy. While some details may change with expert opinions and advice, we will never turn the project into something you did not intend.

Create Your Dream Home with Peak Improvements

Check out our home renovation calculator and get a rough idea of what you get with us. Then, contact Peak Improvements to talk about how we can assist you in reaching your home renovation goals.

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