Have you been considering the addition of a lift or elevator into your home? Once considered a luxury to only be enjoyed by the most affluent, today there are plenty of practical reasons for homeowners of all backgrounds to include an elevator in their homes. Below are 5 reasons to consider installing an elevator in your residence.

1. Functionality

These days, one of the most driving reasons homeowners may choose to entertain the idea of installing a lift or elevator is the versatility they have to offer in terms of function. Whether you’re looking to reduce trips up and down stairs going from level to level or to expedite difficult tasks like moving furniture, delicate items, and other such activities, elevators can make things much easier. For those with accessibility needs, or homeowners anticipating difficulty navigating multi-levels in the future, an elevator can also serve as a wise investment.

2. Safety And Security

Do you have little ones in the home, or are you feeling worried about your mobility decreasing over time? As we mentioned above, elevators play a vital role in helping the entire home stay accessible to residents of all ages. Reduce the risk of dangerous falls down the stairs, as well as the wear and tear on joints and tender ligaments by removing the need to climb up levels by installing a smooth ride instead!

3. Saves Space

Did you know that elevators can actually take up less space in your home compared to staircases. Newer models are increasingly compact and can take up minimal room in your home, leaving you with plenty of square footage to enjoy! If saving space is a particular concern, working closely with your contractor, as well as your installation team to find the model that works best for your property.

4. Added Property Value

Accessibility friendly housing has become increasingly popular in today’s market, meaning that homes featuring key components like elevators, chair lifts, mobility minded layouts and more often sell for more than other properties. In addition to serving as a showcase item within your home, elevators are a worthwhile inclusion for those looking to sell at a profit in the future.

5. Style

Finally, there’s no denying the elegance and aesthetic a well designed elevator can add to your home. As the pinnacle of functional design, your lift is sure to stand out and delight both your family and guests!

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