Gearing up for a bathroom renovation and wondering how to get started budgeting? When planned properly, bathroom renos have a lot of perks to offer homeowners, including increasing your property value should you ever plan to sell and improving the comfort and aesthetic of your home. With a little careful saving and an experienced team on your side, creating the perfect space can be a breeze. Below, we’ll explore some of the main factors that influence the overall cost of your renovation. Keep these aspects in mind while planning your budget and you’ll be leaps ahead when you’re ready to get started!

The Importance of Scale and Scope

As with any renovation, a large determining factor of your overall cost comes down to the intended size and scale of your desired changes. Minor updates may tend to cost less (depending on materials used, more on that below), but a major overhaul will likely require more of an investment to ensure everything is completed safely and to the highest quality. Regardless of if you are making changes for aesthetic or functional reasons, working with an experienced team of contractors will make it easy to discern what your top priorities need to be and how to budget accordingly.

Where Is Your Bathroom Located?

While it may not seem like much of a difference to the outside observer, the location of your bathroom within the home presents a unique set of circumstances to be considered. Basement bathrooms, for example, will often need additional consideration given to working around existing plumbing and wiring, as well as preventing moisture from building up in the cooler environment. Master ensuites, on the other hand, need to closely match the existing aesthetic of your bedroom to create a seamless transition from room to room.

Demolition and Removal

Another aspect that homeowners can sometimes forget about is the demolition and removal stages of construction. While some may be tempted to go the DIY route, this is particularly tricky where bathrooms are concerned due to plumbing, wiring, and the inherent danger of working around water lines. Speaking of which….

Wiring, Plumbing, And Piping

One of the most significant elements that can affect your budget, often in ways you least expect, is your existing plumbing and wiring. Whether you’ve been in the home for quite some time or have just moved in, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to be surprised by what lies beneath their drywall. Your existing framework will play a large role in influencing your renovation, and it’s best to pad your budget with some extra funds just in case you run into some unexpected complications here.

Materials Used

Finally, another major factor that can cause your budget to fluctuate quite substantially are the materials you select for the renovation. Quartz vs laminate counters, for example, will have a vastly different price point, as will certain plumbing fixtures, flooring, etc. Being open and honest with your contractor early on will make it easy to select materials that are best suited to your price point without skimping on quality.

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