Benefits of NEW HOMES
Transform the Home You Know and Love

Have you outgrown your current home, but are reluctant to move because you love the neighbourhood? Sometimes, even the “perfect” home needs TLC to fit the needs of our expanding families, changing daily routines, and to stay up to date.

While smaller renovations can help revitalize tired spaces, there comes a point where multiple projects can quickly pile up price-wise and even exceed the value of your home. Starting fresh on the same lot gives you the chance to build a brand new home that’s perfectly suited to your current needs, without the hassle of having to relocate to a new area. Best of all, it may even be cheaper than moving or pursuing continuous renovations! Whether you need more space, a refined layout, or simply want to integrate a new style into your home, at Peak, we’re passionate about helping our clients create their dream space, right from the ground up!

kitchen renovations edmonton
kitchen remodeling edmonton
The Peak Improvements

A successful new build requires a team that can handle the demands of large scale projects, particularly with regards to management and implementation. Partnering with a qualified team helps ensure everything runs on time, on budget, and eliminates unnecessary stress. Peak Improvements relies on our proven six-step process to guide each project, and offers the following benefits to our homeowners:

Guaranteed Price + No Surprise Contract

When you hire us, we back our promises 100% and will not change your pricing after the project starts.

Personalized, knowledgeable, relationship

We don’t view our clients as a number, you’re family! We believe in working closely with clients and providing clear communication throughout the entire process.


Our team boasts decades of combined experience in the construction industry, and will always strive to craft remarkable homes for our families. We hold our Trade Partners to the highest standards, ensuring that all work done is of exceptional quality with the use of reliable materials.



We will earn and value your trust so we will always go above and beyond to share our progress with clients from day one of the project right to the final Certificate of Completion!

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