Tired of humming and hawing over what to do with your unfinished basement? If the lower level of your home consists of musty concrete, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to enhance your house and double your space for the whole family to enjoy. Learn more about the benefits of finished basements, as well as the many options available, below!

Why It’s Time To Take The Leap

It’s no secret that plenty of homes have the stereotypical dark, damp, and musty basement that goes neglected except for extra storage. While we’re never one to knock making the most of your storage capabilities, the simple fact is, basements are worth so much more than an unexplored void within your home. With so many benefits and opportunities to offer, your lower level is a superstar just waiting for its chance to shine. Key reasons to finish your basement include:

Increased Property Value

Basement remodels have one of the highest “cost to return” benefits for homeowners and offer a higher resale value for those looking to place the property on the market in the future.

Additional Space When You Need It

There’s no shortage of opportunities when it comes to basement remodels, as well as ways to use that extra space to your advantage. From adding an extra bedroom, to creating a home theatre, office, bar/entertaining area, and more, remodelling the basement is a fantastic chance to create that space you’ve always dreamed of!

Better Overall Insulation

Albertan winters can be tough on homes, especially where the lower levels are concerned. Unfinished basements are prone to potential moisture build-up, insects and other unwelcome guests entering the home. Dealing with a professional team and insisting on proper insulation, vapor barrier sealing and finishing techniques are crucial elements of a basement renovation.

Things to Consider for Your Renovation

While basement renovations can be hassle-free with the right contractor, they do take some additional planning to ensure a smooth process. Common factors to be taken into account include:

Avoiding Moisture Build Up:

Moisture is often the number one culprit that can complicate basement renos, and should always be a priority when planning your remodel. Have your contractor thoroughly inspect for any existing leaks, cracks, and other potential issues, as well and ensure all future plans account for a solid outdoor/indoor seal you can count on.

Play By The Code

As with any major renovation, you’ll want to ensure your plans abide by all applicable development codes. Your contractor should be appraised of current standards and work within all relevant guidelines.

DIY Disaster

Because basements are often a hotbed for wiring, plumbing and mechanical components, it’s best to leave major alterations to certified professionals. Even those with past home project experience can easily make a simple, but costly mistake, or jeopardize your family’s health and safety. Tempting as it may be to save a few dollars, it’s important to make sure you have a professional handling anything that could put you or your family at risk, and doing so means you’re much more likely to enjoy the results in the long run.

Ready To Make Your Vision A Reality?

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