If you’re looking to truly transform your home and create the space you’ve always dreamed of, one of the most important elements of your renovation is the design process. While construction takes care of building the physical elements that bring your vision to life, design services play an integral role in guiding the project forward with the blueprints needed to do so. Peak Improvements is proud to offer an exceptional in-house team that includes design and drafting services, meaning you’ll always have access to the experts you need, no matter what stage the project is in. ​Below, we’ll highlight just a few of the many perks to working with integrated design services when it comes to planning your next home renovation. Read on to learn more!

What Are Design Services

Think that home design is limited to making things look good? Even though aesthetics are a big part of the design process, the truth is, as the name indicates, design and drafting services are actually far more comprehensive. Drafting experts work with everything from drafting architectural blueprints to the functionality of the space, all the way down to finite details like choosing what paint best matches your new vibe. Simply put, your drafting and design team are the artists that help make a successful renovation possible by creating a canvas that everyone can work on together with clarity and confidence.

At Peak Improvements, we believe in providing fully comprehensive renovation services to our clients throughout the Edmonton Region, which is why we’re thrilled to include design and drafting services as part of our six-step renovation process.

Why Integration Matters

Why does Peak offer in-house design services? Alongside allowing us to provide you with the best renovation experience possible, integrated drafting and design services greatly reduce both the cost to the client and the chance for confusion between team members. When other renovation firms make you look elsewhere for a subcontracted design team their services can often cost more, and the chances for breakdowns in communication as well as delays and frustration becomes much higher. At Peak, your satisfaction, as well as the quality of our results will always be our main priority, and thus we choose to offer in-house services you can count on.

Discover Your Dream Home With Peak Improvements

At Peak Improvements, we believe that making your dream home a reality should be easy. Our team combines years of experience with a proven six-stage process that ensures the results you desire with no delays. Best of all, our guaranteed price, no surprise contract means you never have to worry about sudden changes or price fluctuations, giving you peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about design services and renovations with Peak!

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