Imagine the home of your dreams. Is it full of sleek colours, open spaces, luxury appliances and the latest trends? Maybe it’s a little more understated, with a cozy, rustic feel for the whole family to enjoy. Regardless of your personal tastes, there’s one important step that helps guarantee any home renovation will be a success: drafting and design. Without the proper details being integrated into the final design, your construction phase runs the risk of miscommunication, costly delays, and ultimately a finished product that may fall short of your vision. Learn more about the importance of design services, as well as how Peak Improvements makes it easy to achieve your perfect fit below!

What Is Drafting and Design?

A renovation design is a blueprint that help guides the labour that needs to be completed for the project. A fully fleshed out design will incorporate all elements of the build, including layout, features, materials, architectural details, and more. Such information is vital to the construction process, and will play a large role in determining your overall spend.

Integrated Design Services Vs External

Despite being such a vital part of the renovation process, not all contractors offer ready access to a design team, forcing homeowners to approach external firms to draft up their plans. While this may result in a cohesive final blueprint, the additional cost, time, and potential for miscommunication between teams are less ideal for homeowners. That’s why, at Peak Improvements, we are proud to offer customers access to our in-house design team.

Our team of experts work closely with clients to ensure that you are an active part of the design process, allowing you to select every detail for your home, right down to the make, model and number! Our proven six-stage process guarantees a smooth build, and with Peak’s guaranteed price, no surprise contract, you never have to worry about unexpected costs affecting your budget.

Discover the difference of working with an in-house design team by contacting Peak improvements today!