Do you love to entertain guests in your home? If you’re a social butterfly that loves to spend time with friends and loved ones, you’ve no doubt found countless reasons to welcome them into your home for long nights of conversation, plenty of laughter, and endless fun. For those looking for a unique way to enhance their home that also combines their love of socializing, remodelling an unfinished and unused basement into a home bar is a perfect fit! Learn more about the different options available, as well as aspects you’ll want to keep in mind below.

What’s Your Style?

When it comes to designing a home bar and entertainment area, there are endless styles to choose from. From upscale and refined wine cellars featuring elegant tasting areas to your very own sports bar or night club, there’s plenty of ways to create the perfect space that brings your vision to life. Popular choices include:

Open Bar Concepts

Want to entertain your guests but have limited space to work with? An open bar requires little in terms of square footage and can easily be fitted to accommodate the specific needs and challenges of your basement. Adding custom shelving with a beautifully crafted bar and the seating design of your choice, along with carefully selected lighting will go a long way in creating the ideal conversation area for everyone to enjoy.

Wet Bars

A longstanding favourite, wet bars take the traditional basement bar setup and add a sink with running water that makes it easy to wash glasses as you go instead of having to constantly run upstairs.  While many homeowners may be tempted to try their hand at installing a DIY wet bar, the necessary plumbing work can make doing so tricky and present a significant risk for flooding and other types of damage if done improperly. Partnering with a professional not only makes it easier to create a stunning space, but eliminates the chance for such complications.

Classic Pubs

Craving the comfort and nostalgia of an old school pub? Why not create one in your own home? If you’re tired of cold treks to the neighbourhood haunt in the winter, creating a pub in your basement is the ultimate luxury for guy’s night. Hand crafted wood panelling, stonework, rustic furniture and the perfect lighting makes bringing your dream space to life easy!

Bring The Pool Hall Home!

Want a space that’s ideal for conversation and fun? Create your very own pool hall and entertainment centre. Combine a bar area with space for games like pool, foosball, darts, and more.

Your Very Own Tasting Centre

Fancy the finer things in life? An in home wine cellar and tasting area is sure to wow your friends and allow you to sip the vintage classics in comfortable luxury.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to make your dream entertainment space a reality. Contact Peak Improvements to learn more about creating a basement bar today!