Buying Vs. Renovating a Home in Edmonton
May 16, 2023

The dilemma of whether to go for a whole house renovation or purchase a new one has been a common concern for years. Deciding between starting a whole house renovation or buying a new home is a major decision, and it ultimately depends on your personal circumstances and preferences.

Many factors can help you determine whether whole house renovations or buying a new home is your best option. In this blog, we will explore both options and provide valuable insights to help you make the best decision for your needs. Before you upgrade your living space or buy a new home, read our comprehensive guide on buying vs. whole house renovations in Edmonton.

Do You Have The Finances?

Cost is a major factor in deciding whether to buy a new house or renovate your home. When deciding which option is right for you, you must factor in how much the renovation would cost compared to how much a new home would cost. Nowadays, interest rates in Edmonton are increasing, and the cost of owning a house is on the rise. Before making a choice, consider the money you’ll spend on buying a new home vs. a whole home renovation in Edmonton. Would it be cost-effective for you to buy and move into a new house or to undertake a whole house renovation instead? Contact a professional home renovation company in Edmonton to give you an estimate on your project, or use our free online estimator tool to help you compare the cost between buying and whole house renovations in Edmonton.

Consider The Different Stress Levels

We’ve all experienced the stress of moving from one place to another. The moving process is stressful whether you’re moving to a 2-bedroom apartment or a two-story house. Packing up everything you own into boxes, labelling, transporting, unloading and finally unpacking them in your new home can be physically and mentally draining. Alternately, whole house renovations can be a breeze if you partner with the right home improvement company in Edmonton. At Peak Improvements, we follow our proven six-stage process and Guaranteed Price + No Surprise contract to ensure flawless results in every home renovation project. Each step is designed to eliminate any confusion along the way and allows homeowners to work closely with our team of designers and experts every step of the way. With meticulous attention to detail in our planning stage, we eliminate any stressful surprises along the way!

Are You Ready To Change Your Neighborhood?

This is a common oversight that homeowners fail to consider when comparing buying and renovating their homes. If you’re living in a mature neighbourhood with easy access to amenities, stores and schools, you’re more likely to benefit from a whole house renovation over buying a new home. Meeting new neighbours, learning new routes for your daily commute and finding your way to the best Tim Hortons near you can be too much of a change! If you’re enjoying your current neighbourhood but looking to spruce up your home, whole house renovations would be your best shot!

Whole House Renovations in Edmonton

Deciding between home renovations and buying requires a lot of thought. At Peak Improvements, we help our clients find the right path for their needs! One of our experienced project managers will help you explore different options for your home to ensure you make the right decision for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our whole house renovation projects!

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