Budgeting for a Whole House Renovation
May 19, 2022

Sometimes a new home doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you were hoping for. It can be challenging to find a property in Edmonton that checks all of your boxes. A homeowner may compromise on a home for various reasons, from landing a dream location to forgoing specific features to meet your budget. Making your home into your dream house is still possible even after taking possession. Whole-home renovations are just one of many options you can take to customize your space. By working with a skilled team of contractors, like Peak Improvements, you can quickly turn your fixer-upper into the home of your dreams. Learn more about whole home renovations in Edmonton below.

Fix Up Your Fixer-Upper

When you picture your dream home, what do you imagine? Do you see yourself cooking for family and friends in an ultra-modern kitchen? Hanging out in your state-of-the-art theatre room? Or are you indulging in some well-needed “me time” in your luxury bathroom? Your home ought to be a reflection of both your family’s needs and your sense of style. Our team at Peak Improvements understands that no two families or houses are the same. Hence, a custom upgrade to your fixer-upper is one of the best ways to get everything you want out of your home. Popular home renovations that add a personal touch and value to your home include:

  • Luxury kitchen remodels that feature modern appliances and an open-concept design.
  • Upgrading the ensuite with added comfort such as steam showers, double sinks, heated flooring, etc.
  • Transforming the basement into an entertainment space, exercise area, home office, etc.
  • Installing accent lighting throughout your home.
  • Custom walk-in showers.
  • Updating the exterior of the house with energy-efficient windows, doors, etc.
  • Adding upscale finishes such as granite or quartz countertops and coffered ceilings.
  • Building an addition to accommodate growing needs for space and more.

Your dream home is yours to design and create. At Peak Improvements, we want to make your home the perfect custom fit for you and your family. We will work closely with you to determine the best design solutions for your project.

Preparing a Budget

The cost of your renovation will vary greatly depending on a range of factors. Before preparing a budget for your home, consider the scope of work, scale, function, and materials used during construction. The older your home, or the more significant the range of work needing to be done, will ultimately increase the cost of your renovation. At Peak Improvements, our team will work with you to make a renovation plan that will suit your budget. We also have a defined milestone-based payment system in each of our guaranteed price, no surprise contracts. That means the budget you set and sign off on will stay the same throughout the entire renovation process. Peak Improvements profoundly values our customers and aims to create longstanding relationships built on transparency and trust. So you can put your budget fears aside as our team is here to make your dream home a reality without breaking the bank.

But if you’re still looking for a price tag for your project, check out our Home Renovation Budgets Calculator. It can help you estimate the cost of a range of renovation projects.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Every homeowner deserves a space that is as unique as they are. From adding a breath of new life to an older home or creating a modern masterpiece with the latest energy-efficient fixtures and appliances, Peak’s team of skilled renovation experts and design specialists will make designing your dream home easy. Contact us to bring your vision of the perfect home into a reality.

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