Basement Development 101: Things to Consider
November 29, 2023

Developing your basement is always a great idea: you pour into the future market value of your Edmonton home while giving yourself more places to enjoy your property. At Peak Improvements, we have decades of experience in home development. We can handle any issue that developing your basement can bring up. But before going forward with home renovations, especially full basement development, there are things that you will need to understand. Read on to address the significant points to consider about basement development in Edmonton.

What is Your Budget?

Knowing when you’ve gone out of your price range is critical to know before you begin. Our Peak Improvements team is capable of performing any range of development that you would like to see in your basement, but it is up to you how much you want to spend on the renos. To get an approximate estimate of what your renovations will cost, you can use our Home Renovation Project Estimator. We offer a Price Guarantee & No Surprise Contract so that you know exactly what you will be spending on the basement development of your Edmonton home.

How to Prepare for Full Basement Development

Having kids or pets may influence your decision on whether or not you want to stay at home for the duration of the project or not. If you and your family will not be disturbed by the loud noises or other disruptions, you may choose to stay at home. Some families with small children may choose to stay elsewhere in Edmonton for the weeks of construction.

Whether you are staying or not, some things should be done before our crew arrives onsite. The most important thing is to empty the basement of objects or furniture to allow the team to begin immediately. Clear a path from the door to the basement, and make sure the basement is clean. These simple steps will ensure work gets done quicker and any belongings are not misplaced.

Edmonton’s Legal Requirements

To develop a basement in Edmonton, you are required to get permits. If this is your first time doing major home renovations, having an experienced contractor who knows the necessary Edmonton permits for your home will be vital to making the renovations go smoothly. There may be more than one permit you need, but it depends on the basement development that you are planning on doing. Peak Improvements knows what you need for your project. From getting Edmonton-compliant paperwork sorted for a legal basement suite to finishing your basement with textiles and flooring, Peak Improvements knows how to help.

Trust Peak Improvements for Your Basement Development Projects

There are endless options to create a functional basement, and Peak Improvements is here to help you to develop the basement you need to suit your lifestyle and future. Enjoy the benefits of a developed basement both while you live in your home as well as when you decide to sell! Contact Peak Improvements to get an estimate today.

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