7 Red Flags to Spot Before You Sign
February 1, 2024

We can get behind certain people doing certain DIY bathroom renovations to their Edmonton homes. But there are limits to insurance and safety precautions here. When it comes to people claiming to be licensed experts without certifications or licensing, there are also many dangers. At Peak Improvements we have worked hard to create a perfected six-step process where transparency is key. Below, we go over some of the red flags you should be watching for when you find a bathroom renovation contractor in Edmonton. Continue reading to find out what you should watch for before signing the contract.

1.They Don’t Present A Contract to Sign

Contracts mean accountability on both ends. If you find a bathrown renovation “contractor” who is wary of signing a contract, run in the opposite direction. A trustworthy contractor will have a legally binding document and will not go forward with the renovations without signatures.

2.They Aren’t Licensed or Insured

This should be an obvious one: if they do not have licensing or insurance, they are then a liability for you while on your property. Always ask for proof of both licensing and insurance to prevent potential legal hot water.

3.They Give You A Vague Estimate

At Peak Improvements, when we give bathroom renovation estimates, we come in person and take photos, measurements and more in a site investigation. From there, we create a complete design with a scope of work and quoted cost. We will review it with you, and then we can sign. This is what you should look for.

4.They Don’t Have Reviews or References to Share

If they do not have a website or Google My Business page with public reviews, this is a significant red flag. Sharing reviews promotes trustworthiness—something that you are looking for when performing bathroom renovations in your home.

5.They are Okay with Changing Things Without Your OK

If a contractor is okay with going ahead creating changes without your knowledge, you should not work with them. A contract that starts at $40k could end at $60k with these contractors. That’s why Peak Improvements offers a Guaranteed Price + No Surprise Contract.

6.It Seems Too Good To Be True

You know what they say about when something is too good to be true… It’s because it is. Too low contract offers in renovations might mean something fishy. Whether your scenario entails low pricing, free add-ons, or something else, remember that age-old saying.

7.They Ask for Cash

Cash could mean the contractor is taking this job under-the-table, and under-the-table work is sketchy when it comes to something as important and essential as bathroom renovations. Bathrooms have both electricity and plumbing, and the wrong move could result in major damage to your bathroom.

Find A Trustworthy Contractor in Edmonton

If you find that the bathroom renovation contractor is showing some of the above red flags, come talk to Peak Improvements. We work hard to be a trustworthy team that does a quality job every time. Contact Peak Improvements to start a conversation about your bathroom renovation.

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