5 Unique Renos for Your Condo: Living Room Edition
January 8, 2024

There are plenty of unique condo renovations available to make your house feel like home. Your condo renovations do not have to consist of something as simple as a new coat of paint or something as complicated as knocking down walls. Peak Improvements is a leading expert in Edmonton home renovations, and we have many ideas on how we can change your space to be unique without demolition. Keep reading to learn about intriguing condo renovations.

Ceiling Beams

Have you ever considered adding ceiling elements? Natural wood ceiling beams draw attention upwards, creating an air of openness. You might find that the wood accents on your ceiling are the perfect condo renovations to make your home feel more you. Especially for living room decor that centers around plants, wood is a fitting choice to use in your home. Bring the nature of the forest into your home with wooden ceiling beams.

Multi-Wall Mural

Why limit yourself to one wall of accentuation? Extend your beautiful art across multiple walls, elongating the look of your home. Take another step into the unique and use unique wallpaper to revamp your walls. There are many ways that you can go with a mural, and it fits almost any interior look in any home. There is a vast range of designs that you can pick from to suit your style, and it can truly recreate your living room.

Hammock or Indoor Swing

Give your living room more life by asking Peak Improvements to install a beautiful indoor swing or hammock in your condo living room. Hammocks, when installed correctly, offer a beautiful place to read a book, watch TV, or converse with guests. It is both functional and a great focus point for otherwise unfocused or TV-centered living rooms. After your condo renovations, you’ll have gained not just a seat but a place for conversation and relaxation.

Reading Nook

Work with Peak Improvements to renovate your condo to include a reading nook by the window! For avid readers, it’s exciting to have more than just a bookshelf. Include a cozy and luxurious built-in seat next to your window for ample sunlight and easy access to your attached bookshelves. No amount of books is too many for installing your custom reading nook.

Faux Staircase

A faux staircase, while seemingly useless in the traditional sense, can be used as a unique bookshelf, extra seating, an art piece, or anything else you can think of. The options are only limited to your creativity. This piece is not only uncommon, but can change the whole feel of your space. It doesn’t have to be a central object, either. A winding staircase to nowhere can be nestled in the corner of the living room, and has the potential to act as a two-in-one seat and shelf.

Contact Peak Improvements to Get Started!

Our expert team is ready to help you renovate your Edmonton condo to fit your style. And while condo renovations can be tricky, as there are prohibitions on what renovations you can do in a condo, we have worked with condo renovations many times and are well-versed in them. Contact us today to talk about what unique condo renovations we can do for you!

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