5 Unique Renos For Your Condo: Bathroom Edition
September 25, 2023

You can spend a lot of time in your condo bathroom every day, so why not make it somewhere worth spending that time? You don’t need to stick to trends when renovating your bathroom. But we know that coming up with ideas unique to you is sometimes tricky. If you’ve had your eye on renovating your bathroom but aren’t sure how, check out our five favourite unique condo bathroom renovations that Peak Improvements can help you to install!

Ceiling Art

Let’s face it: bathroom ceilings are boring. And if you don’t like the idea of painting your ceiling a solid colour, consider if a mural might be a good fit for your bathroom! Whatever theme you want your condo bathroom to have can happen through ceiling art. Imagine seeing a canopy of branches above you or a school of fish. Renovate to a dynamic condo bathroom that guests are stunned to walk into with Peak Improvements’ help.

Half Tile Walls

To give your bathroom a totally new feel, we can add a half-tile wall around the room. This can provide a backsplash of sorts for your walls, and also give your bathroom a completely different look without the time and cost of a full condo bathroom renovation. Choose coloured tiles or unique shapes for an even more fun renovation!

Live Edge Counters

Want a single renovation that can spiff up any condo bathroom? Swap your current laminate sink counter with a live-edge wood plank. This condo bathroom renovation can spruce up your bathroom as well as your morning. Build yourself a condo bathroom to start your morning off on the right foot; if you’re someone who loves to be surrounded by nature, this renovation is for you.


While currently getting the attention it deserves, wallpaper is still under-utilized in the average home. Renovate your condo bathroom in a way that is unique to you and that you are excited about implementing. Wallpaper comes in almost any style and colour you could dream of; there is something out there that is absolutely perfect for your bathroom. Peak Improvements is ready to give you the bathroom makeover you deserve.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles also come in many variations to meet any flair you want for your bathroom. Like the ceiling, your flooring choice can dramatically change your bathroom. Or, if left plain, it can go completely unnoticed and under-appreciated. Make your bathroom a dynamic morning-starter. Switching floor tiles is an easy, condo-friendly bathroom renovation Peak Improvements can help you achieve.

Make Your Dreams A Reality

Condo renovations are slightly different from bungalow renovations, and our expert team at Peak Improvements knows all the limitations and regulations for renovating a condo bathroom. While the amenities that are available in your bathroom will slightly change what renovations can be done, Peak Improvements is determined to work with you to create the bathroom of your dreams. Ask our experts what renovations you could do with your current condo bathroom today.

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