Edmonton Drafting and Design

Architecture, Interior Design, and Renovation - all in one!

Does your Edmonton home renovation project require architectural changes, interior design updates, and more? Rather than consulting with an architect, a renovation company, and an interior design firm, Design-Build could be the perfect answer for you. What is the difference?

Renovation projects require the full scale of service – from project management to budgeting and from design to execution. More and more homeowners are turning to design-build firms for their renovations because they are discovering the final product is far superior – both in quality of experience, product, and cost. In Edmonton, drafting and design included in a home renovation project is still very rare.

But there are so many elements tied in to the early drafting and design aspects of an Edmonton home renovation project! Learn more about Design Build as an answer for your renovation needs.

The benefits of drafting and design coming from the same Design Build firm rather than being separated include:

  • lower costs
  • fewer costly last minute changes
  • smoother project management
  • clear communication across teams
  • working towards one end goal – pleasing the client
  • consistent quality and design
  • helpful preparation and discussions around both drafting and design

If you’re looking for more renovation information, we have helpful resources that can supply many ideas!

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As Edmonton drafting and design increase in popularity with the increased costs of real estate in the area, understanding interior design and renovation working together is becoming even more important!

Peak Improvements has been using coordinated drafting and design as a home renovation company since 2007 in the Edmonton area. With our attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, project management, and design skills, we really are the complete package for your Edmonton home renovation needs.

Browse our renovation galleries to get inspiration and ideas for your own project. When you are ready, we hope you will reach out to us to start the conversation! Because you deserve the full potential of your home.