Whether you’re tackling an unfinished basement or updating an existing development, a basement renovation is a massive opportunity for Edmonton homeowners to transform under-utilized space into a go-to environment for work, play, or even an additional source of income.

The cost of renovating a basement in Edmonton depends on many factors. Depending on the home’s age, previous renovations, and overall scope of the project, similar upgrades and features may vary in price from one house to the next.

Fear not! Our Renovation Budget Calculator can help you estimate the cost of your basement makeover. Try it today, and let Peak Improvements’ qualified representatives guide you through your basement’s transformation!

Make It Your Own!

Basements are the blank canvas of the home. You can truly make the space into whatever you want; the only limit is your imagination!

Start planning early to determine your priorities and plans to use the space. Will your household benefit most from a home theatre or a home office? A luxurious full bathroom or a legal basement suite? Establishing a clear plan will allow you to prioritize renovation costs and shape the space into a practical addition to your home.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Home Renovation Photo Gallery and become inspired by our past projects!

Other Factors to Consider

Remodelling an already-finished basement will generally be more expensive than finishing from scratch. Demolition and preparation can cost up to an additional 15 percent of your budget.

An experienced, knowledgeable contractor can make all the difference in helping transform your basement! With decades of experience and our proven six-stage process, Peak Improvements is happy to work with you to create the functional basement space you’ve always wanted.

Try our Renovation Budget Calculator and set up an in-home consultation to get started today!