Are you in the early stages of planning a home renovation? While the process of designing your dream space can be exciting, there’s no denying that renovation prep can often feel stressful, even for the most experienced homeowners. Knowing how to prepare for your renovation can reduce the chance of headaches, as well as ensure an expedited completion date. If you know you’d like to make some changes to your home, but are unsure of what to expect, below is a simple guide the highlights six essential steps of the home renovation process.

Step One: Decide What You Want

One of the most thrilling aspects in the world of home design and renovation is that you have endless options available in terms of transforming your home. Before delving into the specifics, it’s important to take some time to decide what the main purpose of your renovation is. Are you hoping to make aesthetic changes, increase functionality, or both? Once you know what your end goal is, you can go “idea shopping” for styles and more.

Step Two: Budget, Budget, Budget

Regardless of whether you’re making minor changes or completely overhauling an entire floor in your home, one of the most important things you need to do early on is narrow down your budget. Determining your spending capacity will play a key role in forming your project as design is carried out. If you’re unsure of how much to reasonably set aside for what you have in mind, meeting with an experienced contractor can help shed some light and allow you to further prepare.

Step Three: Narrow Down Priorities

Oftentimes, homeowners find themselves running into a bit of a conflict where budget and vision are concerned. While there are plenty of ways to work around your ideal spend, it’s best to have a clear picture of what your main priorities are in case you need to stagger the project into phases.

Step Four: Timeline

Once you have a clear idea of your objectives and budget, the next step is to determine what kind of timeline you’re able to accommodate. Bear in mind that, depending on the scale of your project, you can expect construction to last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months in order to guarantee the best results. When interviewing prospective contractors (more on that below), be sure to ask how they uphold projected timelines, and how they plan to accommodate your needs and meet your expectations. 

Step Five: Finding The Right Contractor For The Job

As any homeowner will quickly discover, there’s no shortage of home renovation teams on the market to choose from. Selecting the right fit for your project is an essential part of guaranteeing success, so it’s essential to dedicate some time to meet with prospective teams and learn about their approach, experience, and more.

Step Six: Enjoy The Results!

If you’ve done your homework, budgeted well, and partnered with a reliable contracting team, you should be able to relax and enjoy your brand new space with joy. Whether you’ve made minor updates or major changes, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing your home is the perfect fit!

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Renovation Preparation Guide

A quick step-by-step guide on how to prepare for and complete a successful renovation project on your home.

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